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Please Rate, Be Gentle


Here is the latest picture of me, please let me know what you think.

I have been training fairly hard for two years and I eat lots of eggs and oatmeal. I am 6'0 199 pounds....


I think you needed more tanning oil on your face and the red speed-o doesn’t really bring the colour of your eyes out. You should have gone with a green or a very light blue. Over-all I’m going to give you a 20. However, seeing as I cannot do that I’ll give you a big high 5.


Dude u hit the genetic jack pot, kinda like that thread on Peter North and his genetic jackpot luck. U’s swole az hellz bra! But, even though you practicing your pose down in dem trunks you clearly need a little more size fo you ready to compete. Keep on eating and trying ramping up on your sets, heard it works wonders.

Word to your mutha,



Thanks for the feedback…I’m still trying to bring up my shoulders, chest, and arms…I just got a Kelly Rippa workout video which I plan to add to my weekly routine for building up my legs.


Hahahaha nice!


pretty diesel dude


ROFL Funny schit! My head hurts from laughing.




can’t even post the required pics, unreal


Man it’s gonna be hard to take a picture of your back and side.

That’s another two hours on photoshop for you!!!