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Please! Post Your Massive Eating Diets

I need ideas. Thanks in advance.

what are you looking for? What types of foods to eat or how much to eat?

If its the former, than

Your CHO sources should be:
Cereal (whole grain variety)
Whole grain breads
Veggies (stick to the greens)

Protein sources:
ground turkey
lean beef
cottage cheese

Fat sources:
fish oil
flax oil
olive oil
whole eggs
lean beef
natural peanut butter

The premise is to keep as “clean” as possible. You will be surprised as to how much you can actually eat and yet, keep fat gain to a minimal. There is a vast difference between eating alot of calories “cleanly” and just eating what the average person eats (which is a bunch of processed hogwash).

If what you’re looking for in the latter (how much to eat) than you wouldn’t be the first person to think that Berardi’s suggestions seem a little too high. The main thing to remember is to add in calories slowly. If you’re used to eating say, 2800 calories per day, and then all of a sudden you ingest 4000+…it would be safe to assume that fat gain would be inevitable. I would suggest adding 100-250 cals per week to allow your body (ie your metabolism) to play catch up to the added kcal consumption.

Word of advice…DO NOT falter in your post workout nutrition. This is the time where you WANT to eat like a mad man. Coach Waterbury recommends that you should eat 1 g of CHO per lbs of LBM, and 0.5 g of protein per lbs of LBM after training (keeping it to a 2:1 ratio of CHO:protein). To this extent, wait about 45-60 minutes after training and eat, eat, eat…keeping it as clean as possible and fat to a minimal

Also, check out Waterbury’s “Branding Iron” article this week as he suggests what people should be eating on training days (1.5 grams of protein per lbs of LBM, 2.25 g of CHO, and 0.75 g of fat)…his recommendations seems to be alot less intimidating compared to Massive Eating and they WORK!!

Irregardless, if gaining some quality mass is your goal than you have to get out of your comfort zone bro! Whether it be Massive Eating or Waterbury’s suggestions. They both work. Good luck!

In general terms I eat 3 P+C meals and 3 P+F meals. Since I workout in the morning right now the P+C meals are my first three and the P+F are the last three meals of the day. For my bodywt and acty level I’m right around 3500kcals/day. At first it seems like a lot of food, but once the habit sets in it gets pretty easy. You’ll find that meeting your calorie totals is a lot easier if you have at least 3 P+F meals—especially if you eat low-GI carb sources as they tend to be low-calorie also.

Great answer, TonyG!!! Can I retire now? (grin)

Breakfast is always the same, oats, protein powder and a multi (6am, sometimes fruit on the way to school/work aswell)
next is P+C and my favourite is chillibeans(froma can) and steak usually the cheap lean stuff like blade (hey im a student) 9:30
at 12:00 and 3:00 i have 2 P+F meal usually chicken/fish and veggies/salad with flaxoil dressing or fish caps
postworkout is 70g glucose 40 grams HWPI and 10 g creatine
next is just a big dinner usually very high in carbs (100-200g) and protein (~50g) with a bit of fat (<20)
be4 bed it a can of tuna/cottage cheese and some fish caps or flax oil.
thats about it, nothing flash

WOW TT!!! Thanks, a compliment coming from you is always welcome! Keep em comin!!..haha. Seriously, thanks. Means alot