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Please Look Over my Summer Cycle


Look this over and see if everything checks out. Also what are people opinion of hcg? Also should what about nolva with tren? I have Clomid I can use.

Age 22 (23 in Nov)
cycle 1: tbol@100mgED 9 weeks
Cycle 2: TestE500 Tbol100

1-14wk test e @ 500mg/wk
1-14wk Proviron @50mg ED
1-4wk Abombs @50mgED
4-10wk tren A @ 35mgED
16-20wk IGF-1 DES @ 50mcg/ED
16-20wk Follistatin 344 @ 100mcg/ED

4-10wk B6 @300mg ED
13-15wk hcg 500iu ED
16-20wk nolva 100/50/50/50
*adex on hand for abombs


just from a glance I'd say cycle is too long, try 10 weeks at 500 test, looks like you plan hcg as PCT in weeks 13-15 and everyday? its too much..uce HCG while on cycle week 1-10 to help against testicular athropy, also nolva looks a bit high.. try 40/20/20/20 adex should be used at least every third day weeks 1-10.
read over stickies.


Anadrol shouldn't aromatize if it is legit anadrol.

Have you used tren before? Thats a pretty low dose. Did you decide on that based on supply or on past experience with it?

Way too much hcg.

250iu E3d during the cycle, not extending after.

Start it around week 4 or so, end it week 14.

I have no experience with IGF-1 or Follistatin but good luck.

Split the test injections up to 250mg twice a week.

I would have caber on hand in case of tren issues. I wouldn't count on B6, although I know many say thats all they need.

Way too much nolva during PCT.
40/40/20/20 will be fine. You seem to have been planning to use clomid dosing for nolva.
Some say use clomid with tren instead of nolva. I don't know a ton about PCT because I don't come off (cruise/blast)

Based on your past cycles this is a big step up really fast using tren and anadrol.


thanks guys. Anyone have experience with a strength cycle like this?


Strength is your main goal?

Are you wanting to peak at the end for a meet or something like that?

If so put the anadrol at the end.

Also, should have mentioned that regardless you should frontload the test.


Ok please check out revised cycle

1-10wk Test E @ 500mg/wk
1-10wk Proviron @50mg ED
1-3wk Dbol @50mgED
4-10wk Tren A @100mgEOD

Prami , Caber, adex on hand
4-10wk HCG @250iu E3D
10-12wk HCG @500iu E3D

13-17wk IGF-1 DES @ 50mcg/ED
13-17wk Nolva @ 20/20/10/10/10
13-17wk Clomid@ 50/25/25/25/25