Please Look Over my Assistance for the Pervertor

Alright guys, ive been doing beginner prep school for a while now over the 3 days and im at the stage where i feel im physically ready for a more demanding Program, it was a toss up between BBB or Pervertor and ive decided to go with the Pervertor, over 4 days as opposed to 3.

As ive not ran 4 days before i want to make sure ive set my Assistance up in such a way that ive got all my bases covered and there would be no interference with the main lifts, so im hoping you experienced lads wouldn’t mind taking a look to make sure im good to go please.

Squat Day - Push: Dips / Pull: Barbell Row / Core: Back Raises

Press Day - Push: Triceps Push Downs / Pull: (Chin Ups/Curls 25 Each) / Core: Hanging Leg Raises

Dead Day - Push: Push Ups / Pull: Dumbell Row / Core: Back Raises

Bench Day - Push: Triceps Push Downs / Pull: (Chin Ups/Curls 25 Each) / Core: Ab Roll Out

Thanks Guys.

I think that looks reasonable. I ran Pervertor and those selections would be similar to a what I did (although I didn’t do curls; just pull ups mostly and some rows for pulling).

I personally wouldn’t do back raises twice a week and barbell rows with that program. Your lower back is getting a ton of work from all the squatting and deadlifting, not to mention the press. If you feel like it will help you, then by all means go for it. The dumbbell rows can put some strain on the lower back too.