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Please Let Me Know if I Can Compete


I did my first show in Men's Physique, got first in my class in novice. Just want to know if people think I have it to make it far?!


Show a back pic as well. You have a damn solid base, I would say your chest is a weak point but that’s just nit picking.


You have what looks to be, from one photo, a decent build. How far you could possibly go is a tough call to take a guess at. You never know what caliber of athletes will show up at any given contest. Winning a Novice division is great, and if you’re anything like me, it should make you want to try to improve and jump into the Open classes.

My advice is to focus on one step at a time though. I’ve seen some guys win the novice division in their first show and turn pro the next year, and I’ve seen other guys win the novice division and years later they’re still not placing top 5 in open classes.

For what it’s worth, your posted pic look pretty good. I’d be curious for other shots and even a lineup from your contest.