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Please Hillary...Run!


As insane as she is, she would be far better than this inexperienced naif, who couldn't lead a kindergarden class, much less a great nation. Of course, a moral person like Sarah would be even better. Hillary would have Bill to help her and is not so arrogant that she'd refuse Bill's help.

I would actually vote in a Dem primary just to vote for Hillary against Barry.

C'mon, Hillary, kick his ass!!


Obama wasn't elected, he was installed by the secret government that runs the cardboard-cutout government we all get to see. Why him over Hillary? Because he'd do whatever they wanted him to do and Hillary had too much backbone. I'm a registered republican, but would have voted for her in a flash.



actually some of her ideas on things like education are scarier than bary's ideas.


She will never have a chance. She might beat BHO in the primaries, but she will never beat the Republican. BHO has set back socialism in this country by 20 years. All the bills that he has signed will be repealed. The country wants that to happen.

We might see this happen with BHO in office. You only need 2/3 vote to overturn a veto, and there are enough congressmen incumbants that voted for it being kicked out of office. Only need 1/3 to change their mind. Not very difficult.


Right. We just need one third of the house of representatives to change their mind about a controversial but landmark legislation. Not very difficult.


Are you using sarcasim? if you are I will use my logic any way. As of right now we are at basically 50%. We need to get to 66%. The pundents are talking about the Republicans taking back the house. That is 10% of the 16%, and that is only if the Republicans get one seat over 50%. I think they will get more than that. Only 6% to go. There are a lot of Democrats loosing in the primaries on this one issue. Even if the district stays Democrat it will be replaced with a Democrat that wants to repeal the law. I think the 6% will be easy to get. The Democrats are turning against Obama, and the citizens of this country want that Bill repealed. We might be very surprised come Novemeber.


never underestimate the sway of public opinion on politicians.


Yes, that was sarcasim.

The republicans may take back the house, but it'll still be an uphill battle to straight-out repeal the bill. The new generation of democrats may say they wouldn't have voted for it, but that doesn't mean they'll vote to repeal it. America has a poor history of removing entitlement programs.


The other shot is to have the courts throw out all or some of the bill. If they were to strike down mandates, the bill just wont work and repeal might be easier.


I would love to see a bill like this get repealed. To me it will show that the system does work correctly.


I guess there would even be a third option of a new reform bill that overwrites the current law.


I dont think Obama would sign a bill that overwrites or deminishes the Bill that he Loves so much.


I would like to see the Health Exchanges out there though for quotes. We can get Life, Car, House, and all types of insurance that are quoted, but when you go outside of your employer for Health the premium sky rockets. If everyone buys insurance out in say an exchange instead of at work the premiums would plummet and your pay would go up quickly because your employer would not have to pay so much for benefits.

There has to be enough interest in something like this or the actuarial pools would suck and premiums would be sky high. Once you have your insurance you can not be denied coverage unless you run our of coverage, i.e. you buy $1MM and you have used the $1MM, or you do not pay your premium. To me health insurance is a luxury and not a necessity. There are a lot of pay as you go emergency centers out there that are for profit so they want high traffic so that keeps prices down. In emergency rooms the costs are so high because there is High Demand and Low Supply. The other part are people that do not pay for services so those account receiveables are passed on to consumers just like anything else you buy.


If there's enough concerted political power to get the original bill repealed, I don't see congress having any significant problem ramming a replacement through the white-house without Obama's signature.

That is a hyooge 'if', though.


I would make a better president than all of them. most normal people would.


run hillary run . . . all the way to the EU and take all of your progressive and socialist buddies with you