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Please Help


Hey guys, I was going to the gym and everything was great I lose weight and gained muscle...The problem is I stoped going to the gym for like 2 months now!! I need some help getting back into it!! I want to loose the weight! I need some insperation!! please guys help me out!!



Give me a fucking break. Log off the damn computer and get your ass to the gym. If you went to the gym consistently for 2 months and made progress and stopped going for no reason, there's nothing anybody can say to help you.

If you lose motivation so easily, what would you do when you plateau?


read some success stories, look at the physique and performance photos on this site. My problem is the other way around, i know i need to take rest days because my body responds better, but i love training. so it's hard for me to stay away, but i do it because it 's better in the long run.


Read this site. Period.


Sorry, dude, but I don't accept the premise: "I want to gain LBM and lose BF."

If that were true, you'd be going to the gym. Either go and work out, or admit that you don't really care to do so.

Here endeth the lesson.


Ya know at first my reaction was to just flame the dog shit out of ya simply because no one should have to "force" or I guess inspire you to go to the gym day in and day out. If ya don't wanna go..don't! The thing is I could write an inspiring Shugert type article and it would inspire you for what? A week? At the expense of sounding gay( not that there's anything wrong with that) and terribly cliche, you need to look inside yourself and find your motivation.

With that said I'll throw ya a bone..atleast to get you into the gym for that first week..if this doesnb't light a fire under your ass nothing will...



I'm in kind of the same situation as you... but nobody can motivate you but yourself (well, some girls can, but thats a different story).
It might help when you get back (if you haven't already) to start eating properly, just because gains support motivation. Also, keep a log of how much weight you move, and have the desire to increase it.

Or you could just start eating like you should be when you were trying to gain now, and get fat, then when you realize that you are fat you will get your fat ass back in the gym...


I think most of the motivation your looking for comes from an inner drive to be better, to be physically fit, and to continue to improve on your body. People can give you a jumpstart to get you pumped up, too, but then once you start to see those results again you have to make a commitment to yourself to stay on track regardless of whether or not you have a cheerleading squad at your side.


How's that?

Any help? <-:wink:

\|/ 3Toes


i wanted to go belemic when i saw that

you could fit a midget in his stomach

and dude im taking a week off from the gym(but i get to lift 6th)but its killin me cause like the other guy said,i LOVE to LIFT HEAVY THINGS,and if you dont then you dont and you shouldnt be on this sire,bottom line


just look at yourself in the mirror. if that isnt enough--then you problably dont give a damn.


I fail to understand; lifting heavy things is killing you??

Now I might get flamed for this but I interpreted that to mean you don't like going to the gym. Since you are just a begginer you can make many great gains from home so long as you eat like a horse. Just improvise, use a rucksack with weight plates for squats, use the tabata method, chins off a doorframe, calf raise on your stairs, hindu pushups, king deasdlifts and eat a lot. This isn't ideal though, get to a gym if you can.


'I have no motivation, I'm a big pussy, please help'