Please Help!!!!

My test was suppressed severly and my doctor has had me on HCG for 2 years so we can have kids. Have I shutdown my system permanently by prolonged use? Can I stop and use clomid or anything to recover? I want to start a new cycle but am concerned. I am 42 and need to have kids soon or give it up. FYI, I take 3cc’s twice a week of 10,000 iu’s. My test is up and sperm is fine but what about when I stop???
Thanks for your help.

you should stop hcg because it is suppressive in its own right. the only thing that is gonna recover your natural test is TIME. you can try clomid for some months stacked with tribex. i can’t believe you are considering another cycle after YEARS of suppression. fix the problem, learn proper post cycle protocols then and only then consider another cycle!

My doctor has said that I may need HRT when I stop the HCG. We will only know after a period of time off everything. As I mentioned the only reason I am on it is to try to have kids. I have gotten her pregnant but she miscarried.

total, just curoius, how big are you?

I’m sorry about your loss.