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Please help

Im 15 years old i am 6-5 i weight 193 lbs im a basketball player very uncoordinated have a 180 bench a 185 squat at most a 24 vertical leap my basketball try-outs are december thats 6 months i dont have much training experiece with weights at all.
My goals are to
a) increase vertical leap to 34 inches
b) become more coordinated
c) faster, quicker, and more explosive
d) increase strength alot bench to 300+lbs and bench to 270+
e) to gain about 14 lbs of muscle or more
What kinda of training would you guys reccomend for me to make my goals happen for try-outs

You should take a look at Renegade Training. Also, post your question in the Renegrade forum.

I’m sure Coach D and other “Renegades” will be able to help you!

you want to increase your bench 100 pounds in 6 months? thats going to be tough. Anyways trying ian kings limping for you legs. it will get you legs a lot stronger plus it will add some cordiantion from the single leg workouts.