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Hi im 19 now.Ok so i started dieting about 6 months ago and it was, in hindsight, a very bad diet. I was basically starving myself on about 1000 calories of tuna, sweet potatoes (i forgot the rest), and, while i thought i was eating healthy, i wasn't, it was probably an anti-testosterone diet (no fat at all). I went from about 180 to 155. My question is, since i started when I was 18, into 19, could this affect my testosterone levels drastically, and as a result, my facial structure and or my pubertal growth in any drastic way? Im really worried that my jaw and other aspects weren't able to grow, and that this is irreversible. Could diet affect facial bone structure? If so, how can i get back on track to high testosterone?


You can get your T levels checked easily by a Dr. You probably would have started puberty earlier than age 18 as well. Hopefully you fixed your diet. I'm no expert and could be wrong, but I think starving yourself would have a negative effect on growth potnetial when 'becoming a man.'


damn,that sucks, thanks for the response tho.


That stuff is genetic, its not caused by testosterone


The only thing I've seen change facial structure is meth and test/gh/whateve in women bbers.


Growth can be affected by hormones and nutrition.

Cool post bro!


I can find some studies to prove this. Final adult height is almost entirely genetic unless there's an actual medical issue (not "low-normal" t). Facial structure is only genetic, however hormones can reversibly change fat distribution.

Height can be affected by the amount of calories in childhood. Fat kids usually go into puberty earlier than underweight or normal kids. However, the final adult height is the same or slightly lower than normal children. I can find some studies to show you if you want. Unless he was very skinny, he didn't change the size of his chin by dieting. It sounds like he was still a little chubby. It's an interesting topic though. Maybe I'll make an indepth post with links to studies.

For both men and women, handsomeness is about cheekbones anyway.


Thanks. Fat wallets help too.


haha u guys are making me feel a little better, i thought i drastically changed my pubertal growth by not eating fats and having an overall low calorie diet. Im actually 6'1 so im not worried about my height, but i dont have much of a lower jaw, can this change with age or am i done with puberty? Is there anything i can do? Also i dont have any substantial facial hair, its frustrating. Thanks for the answers everyone