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Please Help With Routine


Okay my question is about a chest routine, would it be okay to do a heavy day and a light day
for example-
bench press
incline BB press
decline BB press

all heavy weights with low reps like 8-6-4-2 then rest 5 days on the 6th day do something like
flat DB press
Incline DB press
decline DB press

all with weights like 65-70 pounds high reps like 10-12 is this a good routine or no?
im trying to split it up because if I dont I end up doing like 25+ sets for my chest.

However, with this split of light and heavy I'm doing about 18-20 sets on my chest, I also include pushups, dips, crossovers and pullovers on my chest day.
is this routine good or no? please let me know if i can improve or what needs to go. thanks.


I question the need to have incline, flat, and decline pressing in the same workout. There have been a lot of people who have found success with a light day/heavy day type routine. Out of curiousity, what does the rest of your program look like?


I agree with kirbo, 3 bench variations seems like a bit much especially since you then do pushups, dips, crossovers and pullovers. That's seven lifts in your workout. Why are all those seven lifts in your workout? Do they all have a very specific reason for being there?

For me seven lifts is farrr too many. Just looking at your workout makes me think that you are just following this routine to a T and not adjusting anything. Are you making progress? Are you adding weight/reps to the bar every workout?


yes i have made progress this is a new routine im making, i use to do chest and back and i made gains and yes I did put on more weight each 2-3 weeks for my workouts.....but um my question is how to improve not if you thought it was too much if you do think it is too much where can I imprOve what can I do to make it better?

because 3-4 excercises seems like i can still go on. and please tell me, what is wrong with having decline inlcine and flat in one workout? just 3 sets apiece?


please tell me why is it wrong to have all 3 presses in one workout?

and for chest my routine looks like this

pushups 50 42 35
bench press 155x10 165x8 175x6 185x4 205x2
upright rows 3 sets of 12
military press standing 95x10 105x8 115x6 135x4
incline BB press 135x10 145x8 175x4
decline BB press 145x10 155x8 185x4
shrugs 3sets
dips 30 25 20
crossovers 3sets
pullovers 3 sets

i havent done this routine yet thats why im asking if it sounds good and i want to switch to DUMBELL FLAT INCLINE AND DECLINE every 5 days then to barbells for heavy days. tell me how to improve and what here sounds like too much.
all my workouts are consist of 10 excercises and last about 60-80 minutes tops

in a week my routine is gonna look like this
monday chest shoulders
tuesday abs
wednesday bis and tris
thursday rest
friday back and shoulders
saturday abs and legs
sunday chest shoulders
so its 3 on one off havent done this routine yet so i need ideas and how to make it better


O and please im looking for advice so please im open to constructive critism but dont be one of those people who simply gives a reply with no answer or reason


10 exercises in 60-80 minutes is excessive. Personally, if i'm really working my ass of in the gym and focusing on every lift, 3-5 total exercises is about the max that I can handle. After that, I'm tired, losing focus, and my muscles have been thoroughly worked.

What I'm trying to say is that you're probably not working hard enough on each individual exercise, instead you are just trying to do a million of them because you think more is better. So to directly answer your question, I wouldn't flat bench, decline bench, and incline bench in one session because if I worked hard enough on the first two, I'd be dead on the third and incapable of lifting any substantial weight.

Also, like I said in my first post you need a reason for every lift. Flat, incline, and decline bench are all very similar lifts so why not just stick with one of them and really focus on busting ass on it. Then maybe in 4 days or next week do the other. Hope that helped?


Whatever you end up doing, don't drop incline or otherwise neglect your upper chest. You see very often people with their pecs out of proportion as they start the transition from beginner to newb to intermediate. Plus it hits your anterior delts to a degree.

And for the love of Christ make sure you have a ton of rowing, pulling, shrugs and rear delt work on your other days.


I apologize if I offended you by not elaborated on my answer, I just wanted to see the rest of the routine before I tried to advise one way or the other.

Like beans said, don't drop the incline because it's not an area that gets hits with much other work. I think you should drop the decline because you have also included dips, which to me are the king of lower pec development(arguably overall pec developement). If you really bust your ass with it, I don't think you'll be able to do flat, incline, and decline anyway. And a lot of people that choose to work shoulders and chest on the same day will cut out military and substitute high incline pressing to hit both upper chest and delts. I have personally never done it but I know a lot of people that do, just something to think about.

Also, instead of heavy/light every week, maybe try hitting chest twice a week high volume for a few weeks, then switching to a low rep heavy routine for a couple of weeks. This, I can tell you with experience, works well.

Good luck


no not offended dont worry just was putting it out there....and thanks for the advice an that sounds good to me...im gonna try that for a month im gonna do it twice then heavy for 2-3 weeks