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Please Help with My Routine


I'm 5' 7" 167 pounds at arond 14& bf trying to get down to 9 in 4-5 months. Nutrition's solid just need help with my routine

Monday- Chest/Back/Core
Flat db bench 3x
Deadlift 3x
Incline db bench 3x
Lat pulldown 3x
Dips 3x
T bar row 3x
Cable crossover 2x
Core Circuit

Tuesday- Shoulder/Leg/Cardio
Squat 3x
Db shoulder press 3x
Upright row 3x
Superset 1a: Lateral raise 3x
Superset 1b: Front raise 3x
Rear delt fly 3x

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Chest/Back/Core
Flat db bench 3x
Deadlift 3x
Incline db bench 3x
Lat pulldown 3x
Dips 3x
T bar row 3x
Cable crossover 2x
Core Circuit

Friday- Shoulder/Cardio
Db shoulder press 3x
Standing barbell press 3x
S1: Lateral raise 3x
S2: Front raise 3x
Rear delt fly 3x
Shrugs 3x

Saturday- Leg/Arms/Cardio
Squat 3x
Lunges 3x
Box step up 3x
Barbell curl 3x
Dip 3x
Preacher curl 3x
Skullcrushers 3x

Sunday â?? Rest


read this


Not to sound like an ass bro but when you are cutting diet is about 90% of everything. If your Diet is how you say solid you should have no problem.


Number of people with 1 post who say this >>>> number of people with one post for which this is actually true.

Post diet.


Breakfast (6:30-8:00)
- 1 cup milk
- 1 ½ scoop protein
- 1 bread
- Nuttela
- pills

After track (9:00-11:00)
- 3 eggs
- 3 turkey bacon
- ½ cup mixed fruits
-1 cup of milk

Snack (12:00-3:00)
- Chicken breast
- 1 cup of brown rice
- Vegetables

Preworkout (3:00-5:00)
- 1 scoop razor8

Postworkout (6:00-7:00)
- 2 scoops protein
- 1 cup grape juice
- Creatine

Dinner (7:00-8:00)
- chicken breasts
- Vegetables
- Apple

Before bed (10:00-10:30)
- Greek yogurt


Not bad, though I would replace some of the carbs with healthy fats (nuts, olive oil, whatever). The key to losing weight though will be a caloric deficit... if you aren't losing weight you need to increase work done (more weights or cardio) OR decrease calories.

Whats your total breakdown? Calories as well as carbs/fat/protein. The food choices are good but "chicken breast" and "greek yogurt" makes it hard to guess amounts.

As far as routine... monday/thursday looks brutal to me. T-Bar rows as your 6th exercise, after bench/deadlift/dips? Also you only have 7 total leg exercises (counting deadlifts) out of 35 total. You either need more exercises, or more sets of the same (i.e. making squats/deads 5x5 or 8x3 or something).

I don't really like the split...I'm a big fan of push/pull/legs, or for beginners just finding an established program and sticking to it until you learn enough to write your own. Regardless, at the very least I would move dips from chest to shoulder day (since it's a tricep exercise, and hammering your tris will hurt your pressing the nextday), put t-bars in front of lat pulldowns so you're slightly less burned out for them.

Legs should have their own day though.


Thanks. As for chicken breasts it's 2 breasts each the size of a deck of cards, and greek yogurt is 1 cup. After looking at my workout and considering what you said I think I'm just going to do a push/pull/leg split going M-W-F-S-Tues-Thurs, etc.. Thank you again


Hey man just looked over your thread thought I'd pass along my advice...

You could consider switching to a total body split (3 days per week) or an upper/lower split (2 of each per week). Not that I am against body part splits but I have found this works a lot better for *most average guys who are not planning on competing in a bodybuilding competition anytime soon.

Is this routine from somewhere or is it just kind of made up? It seems like it might be a little high on the volume side of things, especially while trying to cut bodyfat %.

Also on your exercises, you list 3x, 2x... what? what rep ranges are you working in?

You might also consider dropping the milk as it can have an inflammatory/bloating effect on your body which is not something you want while trying to cut. I also echo what was said above, when cutting you have to be in a caloric deficit-- that doesn't necessarily mean you have to count calories but in the end ensuring you are in a deficit will be important.

I never count calories and have used an intermittent fasting approach while cutting (actually just recently did this) with GREAT success, so that might be something worth looking into.