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Please Help With My Program - Basketball


hi i am 16 years old and am training for basketball. i weigh about 177 pounds and am 6"2

Max squat-about 225?
bench-about 175?
deadlift-dont know

anyways i am training for strength and to get in the best shape i can be in.i am also doing basketball drills before my workouts (sometime after) involving shooting and ball handling. here is my program and please try to help me with it and make it better if possible. any suggestions are welcomed thank u


Bench press 5x4
Inc dumbell bench 6x3
Row variation 5x4
Dips/Extensions/Pulldowns (alternate every week) 3-4x6-8
Bicep Work 3x6-8

Ab Work

Full Contact Twists, 3 x 6
Russian Twists on Ball, 3 x 8


Hurdle Hops or High Box Jumps ? Perform 3 sets of 3 jumps. Rest one minute between sets.
Loaded 20-yard sprints (use either a weighted vest or sled) ? Perform 6 weighted 20-yard sprints. Rest 30 seconds between sprints.
Free sprints (no added weight) ? Perform four 20-yard sprints, rest 30 seconds between sprints. After the last sprint, rest one minute then perform three 30-yard sprints. Rest the amount of time it takes you to walk back to the start line. After the last 30-yard sprint, rest one minute then perform two 40-yard sprints. Rest two minutes between the 40-yard sprints

Kelly Baggett lower

Ab Work

Pillar Bridges, 2 x 40 seconds
Quadruped Navel Draws, 3 x 8 (with 5 second holds)


BW Ab work

2 mile run

jumprope 3-5x1 min


Push Press 6x3
Close Grip Bench Press 5x4
Pullup variation 3x6-8
front dumbell raise or shrugs 3x8
bicep/tricep work (superset)

Ab work

Lateral Flexion
Bent Presses, 3 x 6
Side Bends, 3 x 8


6x25 yard sprints
4x40 yard sprints
zig zag change of direction drills 3x
bounding 3x40 yard

Kelly Baggett lower

Ab work

Decline Bench Reverse Crunches, 3 x 10
Standing Cable Crunches, 3 x 8


jumprope 3x1 min




That looks pretty decent, I've definitly seen a lot worse here from high school athletes. A big concern for you right now should be increasing maximal strength as that is obviously your biggest weakness right now.

Remember that training for speed endurance (your sprint workouts) comes at an adaptative reserve cost. My suggestion for that would be to devote more resources initially to maximal strength training and ramp up the sprinting intensity as your competitive season approaches. You can see a huge increase in speed endurance in as little as 2-3 weeks. The farther away from your season, the shorter you want your sprints to be and the longer you want your rest periods to be.

I have seen 30:1 as a recommendation for speed training. Meaning if you run a sprint that takes 10 seconds to complete, 6 minutes of rest will be optimal for speed development. Obviously that is not going to do anything for your speed-endurance (one of the most important qualities in basketball), but just keep that in mind. Decrease rest periods and increase sprint distances as your season nears.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, but you are off to a good start.


thanks first of all for answering (appreciate it)

and second...so ur saying i should make my sprint workouts more intense with higher volume? what would ur recommendation be on how i should do this


What I'm saying is that the farther away from your competitive season you are, the more your sprint work should focus on maximal acceleration development. As you get closer, it should focus on speed-endurance.

As an example:

Accel Training:
20 x 1 10m (or half bball court) sprints with 45-60 seconds of rest. You can add weight up to 20 pounds or so.

Speed Endurance Training:
10 sets of 3 100m 90% sprints. In-set rest will just be the time taken to walk back. In between sets, rest should be 5-6 minutes.

Just off the top of my head.


What exactly does Kelly Baggett lower body entail?

Are you using your sprint program to increase speed or for conditioning?


On upper body day's I would add one more pulling exercise to balance things out. If you think this is too much volume, do it on only one day and lose the second pushing exercise that day. For ther rest your program looks pretty decent. Good luck working out!


thanks alot...im using the sprints for conditioning and speed...wont it work like that? how do i use sprints to work on conditioning ? rest less?


hey one mor thing...i didnt want to start a new thread for this so ill just ask here...

ive been n my diet the past week and it been goin well...is it ok if i take friday night and saturday to eat what i want then sunday-friday get on my diet again....cuz ive heard u can have one free day to eat what uw ant


What lower body exercises are you doing?


You're 16 years old and 177 at 6'2", so you're definitly not overweight. Just make sure you are eating enough calories, protein and EFA and the rest doesn't matter so much. The key is to get ENOUGH food.


i know i am getting enough food (and also eating healthy) but can i get that one day of getting out of the diet and eating waht i want


hey jtrinsey so since im kinda far away form my season i should focus on maximal acceleration development? how do i do that?? do u guys think i should add anything to my program that would benefit, more running or something?

and can someone please anwer my question about nutrition...can i get that one day (in my case friday night and saturday) of eating what i want then the rest of the week back on my diet...? cuz ive heard u can do that and u should do that sorry for all the questions


Instead of answering exactly your question I will give you one piece of advice that will benefit you far more:

As an athlete, you are a scientist, your body is the lab and your performance is the data you collect.

Want to improve your acceleration? I'll tell you that acceleration is a product of starting strength, explosive strength and technique work. Now read up a little and most importantly, experiment! Time your 10yd dashes now, then spend a few weeks working on your acceleration and time them again. If they got better, than what you are doing is working. If not, come back and ask some more questions.

Same thing with your diet. Take a picture of yourself now and/or try to get your bodyfat reading. Experiment and record what you did for the next 2-3 weeks and see if you are leaner/more muscular/etc.

At your age, the recipe for success is:

1.) Lift heavy
2.) Work on proper movement techniques and form
3.) Eat, eat and eat some more.

And yes, I do think that you should work more on acceleration as you are further away from your season and shift to speed-endurance as you get closer. I said that in another post.


so just doing regular sprints will help my acceleration>? is that how i work on acceleration?


I actually posted something that said "accel training" in this very thread. I don't mean to be harsh, but please read some things and don't expect everybody to spoon-feed you answers. You will never learn anything that way.


ok i read what u said earlier...so for my tuesday and friday sprint workouts...i should lower the yards and increase the rest period... isnt my tuesda workout like that already cuz the rest periods are pretty long...


sorry guys for being so stupid...i read into what u guys were saying and now i understand what u mean by speed endurance training and accel training. cant i just have tuesday as my speed endurance day and friday as my accel training day ?

oh and to answer ur question about my lower body wokrkouts....i have kelly baggets verticle bible and he has a novice strength training program in there hat fits ino my needs and is for a person like me (cant really jump high off of two feet jus standing but can get way higher running and jumping.) it consists of 3 phases and each phase is abot 3 weeks long, in this first phase i hve 2 workouts (workout a an db ) workout a is on tuesday and i do sqaut 3x10, leg curl/ghr 4x8. calf raises 3x20, workout b is on friday and i do deadlift 3x8, barbell lunges 3x8 each leg, and 1 legged calf raises 3x20


i just did my monday workout yesteday and it went something like this....

went to sprint first...

3x3 hurdle jumps (1 min rest)
7x 10m sprints (45-60 sec rest)
5x 20 yard srints (30 sec rest) 1 min rest on last set
4x 30 yard spints (rest as u walk back to start) 1 min rest on last one
3x 40 yard sprints (2 min rest)

and weight training i did squat 3x10 (160 pounds)
then glute ham raises 4x8 , then calf raises with a 50 pound dumbell in each hand 3x20 and then after my sprints and weight training i played 3 games of pickup ball at the ymca

and surprisingly today i dont feel as sore as i did after last weeks tuesday workout i dont kno why but whatever


Good to see you starting off my man. Keep it at this whole summer and you'll be amazed at the results you get. My only question is to how you are performing the glute-ham raises. I honestly have to doubt that if you are squatting 160 pounds that you can do 4 sets of 8 glute-ham raises. I'm not trying to flame you, but I can squat over 300 (which is certainly not great), and I can't even do 1 set of 10 GHR's with strict form. Do you keep the back straight all the way from the knee to the neck the whole time?


i actually dont do it on a ghr bench cuz my gym doesnt have one...i put my feet under something that will hold my ankles down in place and i just start at the down position and give a little head start push with my arms and then finish using my hammies and glutes