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Please Help With HW!

I would really realyyy appreciate it if someone can read my essay and give me feedback…o by the way our essay topic was to choose a character and describe how the character changed throughout the story and what caused it. just basically explain how he changed…please i really need a good grade on this…here it is…

   People in our society today will do whatever it takes for money, even if it means going the "full monty." Whether or not it is morally right, money will lead you in all kinds of directions. 

In the movie The Full Monty, two men and a boy seek to recruit dancers for a one day night club in which they will strip for women because they are in desperate need for some money. Every character in the movie went through some sort of a transition phase. The character that changed the most in the movie was Gerald. He went from being disliked by Gaz and laughing at his stripping plan to then joining Gaz and the group to strip.

    Gerald's character at first is one which was very much disliked by Gaz and vice versa in the beginning of The Full Monty. One reason why Gaz and Gerald didn't get along at first was when the two were at the same job club. While sitting in the job club, Gerald overhears Gaz talking about stripping to his good friend Dave. Gerald laughs and says, "Oh aye, could just see little and large *&% prancing around Sheffield with their widgers hanging out. Now that would be worth ten quid." 

Gerald finds it very entertaining and funny that they are actually willing to strip for money while he is working hard for a real paying job. This really offends Gaz because he really wants to continue with his idea but Gerald is putting him down with absurd remarks. The tension heats up even more between the two when Gaz interferes with one of Gerald’s interviews for a job.

The two at this point despise each other. Gaz is certainly not the happiest of people because he is still searching for a job to earn back custody of his son. Meanwhile, he found a way to interfere with Gerald’s life. Gerald is unhappy because he’s searching for a real job and finally has an opportunity for one but totally blows it because of Gaz. The animosity between Gerald and Gaz in The Full Monty is brought upon when the two bump heads while trying to search for a job. Gerald’s character at first is one which is annoyed wants to be left alone so he can find his own job.

    Gerald changed in the end by later becoming friends with Gaz and joining the group to strip for one night. At first, Gerald was spotted by Gaz and Dave dancing with his wife. The two were amazed at the skills of the old man so they asked for his help on dancing. Gerald joins the group and helps them create a dance for the one night strip club. Gerald was in need of  a job because the one he was pursuing was already out of reach. 

Even though he still thought the idea of stripping was crazy, Gaz lured him into doing it. Gaz knew Gerald would help them when he asked for help and Gerald responded with, “What if someone spots me?” Gerald was afraid of being spotted by anyone but Gaz assured him that there would be no trouble what so ever. Gerald changed throughout the movie because of financial needs, much like every other character in the movie. After first being not so friendly with each other, Gerald now went on to make money with Gaz

   People will change their whole character for money. However, it can also bring people together to work as a team. At first glance, Gerald seemed very hated by Gaz and was against getting naked to earn money. He went from being disliked by Gaz to then being part of the group he didn�??t want to be a part of at first. Through time, he realized the only way he can make money quickly was to change.  


its a double spaced 2 page essay

and i also dont know how to cite quotations from movies…can someone help me with this please?

and im a little confused about paraphrasing…do any of my paragraphs have it?

In the first paragraph, change “in desperate need for money” to “in desperate need of money”. People can be desperate for money, but the word “in” changes the syntax. Also, this essay is more a report on the plot of the movie that sometimes mentions the characters’ changes, than a report on the characters themselves.

If you like either Gerald or Gaz, pick one of them. Both men were desperate for money, but Gaz also was desperate to be a real father to his son. Its been a long time since I’ve seen this movie, but didn’t Gaz go from being a completely irresponsible loser to a leader to earn the love & respect of his son?

Or Gerald, he certainly was dealing with some other things than money. Didn’t he have to deal with “lowering himself” to being one of the boys after being a manager? Was he happier after he did?

You are using your quotes correctly. Quoting from a movie is the same as quoting from a book.

To paraphrase is to repeat something someone said, but to say it differently. For example, if I said, “Tell TC I think his articles are hilarious” and you told him, “she thinks you’re funny”, you would be paraphrasing.
Good luck!

Erm, why double space between lines?

[quote]rsg wrote:
Erm, why double space between lines?[/quote]

So you don’t have to write that much.



[quote]rsg wrote:
Erm, why double space between lines?[/quote]

Most teachers require everything to be double-spaced to avoid going blind while reading a big pile of essays.

thanks a lot guys so im gonna cite the quotes now but she said to also cite paraphrases…do i have any in my essay sorry for being so ignorant this si my first essay in like a year

Interesting, I was always forced never to skip lines at school.


Hmmm… well, seems like you’re missing a little bit of the subtlety, but here’s a huge tip that they won’t give you in high school.

Turn the essay in early, and ask the teacher how you can make it an “A”. We all come from different backgrounds. People don’t care about that so much. What they do care about is how much effort you’ll put into learning how to do something right.

I wouldn make some of the phrases more specific and quote solid details from the book/movie. If nothing else, it makes it look a lot better. All you have to do is put quotations marks and precede it by saying “as stated by … in …” to quote a movie or book.