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Please Help with Diet


im european boy, sorry for the bad english
someone could convert the measures of food in my diet in grams?

here the diet

-1 cup egg whites with 1 cup spinach and 2 servings of veggies
-1/3 cup oats with 1 serving fruit

-1 scoop whey
-1 cup frozen berries
-1/3 cup of oats
-2 tbs flax seeds
-2 tbs mixed nuts
-1\2 cup yogurt

8oz extra lean meat
1 sweet potato
1\2 cup lentils
3 serving of veggies
1 serving fruits

1.5 cup low fat cottage cheese
1 scoop protein blend
1/2 muesli cereal
1 serving fruit


8oz extra lean meat
2 cups spinach
2 serving of veggies
1 serving fruit

in italy we use the grams, please can you help me to convert:

in my diet with grams?



I just replaced your quantities with the gram equivalents where possible. It’s not so easy with fruits so I just left it as 1 piece. A lot of stuff (muesli, whey, frozen berries are dependent on the brand). Look on the back label of the products you buy, they should have the grams/serving on the top.

-4 egg whites
-65 grams spinach (fresh)
-150 grams of veggies
-50 grams oats
-1 piece fruit

-30 grams whey
-150 grams frozen berries (varies with brand)
-50 grams of oats
-28 grams flax seeds
-28 grams mixed nuts
-120 grams cup yogurt

240 grams extra lean meat
65 grams potato
64 grams lentils (dry, depends on type)
200 grams of veggies
1 piece fruit

360 grams low fat cottage cheese
30 grams protein blend
50 grams cereal
1 piece fruit


240 grams extra lean meat
130 grams spinach (fresh)
130-180 grams of veggies (depends on type)
1 piece fruit


What are your goals?


[quote]ebomb5522 wrote:
What are your goals?[/quote]

thank you for repling guys!

my goal is to get lean and lose slowly bodyfat

i am MMA fighter and i train 5 times a week


thank you for repling!

my goals are to getting lean eand reduce bodyfat slowly


my goals are to get lean and reduce slowly the bodyfat

thank you for repling


Need some more protein, with each meal…besides that, it looks pretty good.


ok, i’ve copyed this diet from Berardi’s book

this work?
the protein are enough?

250grams egg whites with 1 serving spinach and 2 serving veggies
50 grams of oats
2 serving fruit (1 apple, 1 banana)
1 cps omega 3

100grams of lean roasted beef
1 serving fruit
1 fat free yogurt
2 tablespoon almonds

80grams whole wheat pasta
100 grams beans
220grams of cickhen
2 serving of veggies
1 serving fruit (1 apple)

30 grams whey with 1 yogurt low fat
45 grams of muesli
1 serving fruits

220grams of chiken
3 serving of veggies
1 serving fruit (1 apple)
1tbs olive oil

total macronutrients intake

around 2650kcal

protein 230grams
carbo 320 grams
fat around 60 grams

in the day of training i substitute a meal with post wo meal 100gr rice and 200gr of chicken

this is John Berardi diet