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Please Help With Cycle and PCT


Well I know you have heard it a million times but this is a cycle that my friend wants to do, he has put it together himself from doing a lot of asking around and research, he has asked me to advise him on what PCT to take and when to start it, I am not 100% sure if you could advise a good PCT for this cycle for my friend (honest) that would be great cheers

WK1= TEST MAX 400 (1ml) & N MAX 400 (1ml) ANABOL 40 mg/ED

WK2= TEST MAX 400 (1ml) & N MAX 400 (1ml) ANABOL 40 mg/ED

WK3= TEST MAX 400 (1ml) & N MAX 400 (1ml) ANABOL 40 mg/ED

WK4= TEST MAX 400 (1ml) & n MAX 400 (1ml)

WK5= TEST MAX 400 (1ml) & N MAX 400 (1ml)

WK6= TEST MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk) N MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk)

WK7= TEST MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk) N MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk)

WK8= TEST MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk) N MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk) SUSTANON 250 (2ml per wk totaling 500 split into 2 shots)

WK9= TEST MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk) N MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk) SUSTANON 250 (2ml per wk totaling 500 split into 2 shots)

WK10= TEST MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk) N MAX 400 (split into 2 shots per wk)SUSTANON 250 (2ml per wk totaling 500 split into 2 shots)

WK11= SUSTANON 250 (2ml per wk split onto 2 shots)

WK12= SUSTANON 250 (2ml per wk split onto 2 shots)

WK13= SUSTANON 250 (2ml per wk split onto 2 shots)


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I have to be honest Bush I do not know why those equal amounts are bad.

this is why i came here he needs good advice and im not sure I can give it, but I know you guys can.

Unfortunately it was me who advised adding the sus he was having one injection of test and nand per week and I said his blood levels would flucuate to much and to spread out the dosage over the week, I advised the sus to help pread out the doasge, personally I like sus but I know you hardcore guys don't.

can u advise on a pct please?


bleh, serious how hard is it to figure out his own pct? just use google :\

I'm not biting your head or anything, but why is your friend even considering using any steroid without researching everything he needs to know about it? if he did that, he would atleast have included a pct :S. It really annoys me to see people making huge life choices with such crap knowledge before hand, is everyone lazy? serious just google everything he's taking, read their profiles, half lifes, then google more on PCT then once u have a basic solid idea whats going on, then come here and ask for more advice, atleast then u will have a slight idea what people are talking about. Think of it this way.. This cycle can be the best cycle ever or it can be a total waste and cause major damage to your body..

google is my best friend.. he wants to be your friend too..

peace oscar


Fully take your point there Oscar, and I do try and gather as much info as i can, I consult the PCT calculator, but this is such a topsy turvy cycle I wanted some advice from some of the top guys on here. I amware of the half life's of all the gear involved and have an understanding of PCT protocols.

Problem with Google is you get so much info and a lot of it is very conflicting, one thing I have found with this forum is that he guys who i respect and know what they are on about generally have similar opinions so it is this forums advice that I base most of my descisions on.



You want your Testosterone to be higher than your Nandrolone by a ratio of (about) 5:3 for numerous reasons, but the more obvious being that more Test is needed to counter Nandrolone's libido-suppressive effect.

And when I once made the mistake of using equal amounts of both, the side-effects were more profound. Not to mention the much longer time it takes for Nandrolone to clear the body (assuming what you mentioned has the Decanoate ester).


Hi everyone, i am the bloke that i doing that cycle. i have just registered to get a bit of advice about it!... first of all, i did as much research as possible on the steroids i am taking as i could but the company that makes them (pharminex) is new and has not got a websiite so all i had to go on was peoples personal opinions and threads i read in other forums.

the owner of the gym go to advised the dosages to see how it went as this is the first time i have ever taken steroids. they seem to be doing the trick as i am in week 6 now and have gained nearly 2 stone on them so far...i did not rush into taking steroids, its been a very hard decison going on steroids that i thought long and hard about for over a year now but i was not getting the gains i wanted naturally so please dont assume im some stupid kid who rushed into things!

any advice is greatly appreciated, i am new to steroids and want to learn as much as possible about them from experienced users such as yourselves. a bit of info about me..i am 25 yrs old, 6ft 3 and weigh 23.5 stone (put on about 2 stone in 6 weeks on these steroids) i do have about 24% body fat at present but im not really bothered that much about that just yet as i want to concentrate on bulk this cycle and cutting and fat loss in the next cycle. any advice always appreciated!!!??? please remember, we all have to start somwhere so please dont slate me too much!


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so is it good gear then? why is there no info on the net about it at all and also i have another issue you might be able to help me with.. i am injecting into my shoulders alternating each time and somtimes i get a hard lump and its very painfull when injecting. its only happened twice out of six injections and the hard lump goes after around a fortnight. any ideas what it is??


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Sir, listen to bushy. He is the god of the gurus, my personal hero.


ok well as long as its normal its ok. as i say im new to this and when i got a hard lump i was really worried! thanks for the info... do you think this cycle im on is any good then? to be honest i thought i would see better gains than this after 6 weeks, am i not taking enough? will the sustanon help when i dd that?


You started a bulk at 300lbs. and around 24% body fat? Do I have this right? And now you are up to 330? Even for a tall guy this seems pretty outrageous to me. I know you are probably not in terested in the lifestyle advice, but it seems you might benefit more from cutting a little fat. That would still put you at about over 250lbs. ripped, if your measurements are correct. How big do you plan on getting?


yes this is right, i would like to cut fat aswell but i know when i do that i have to watch what i eat very carefully because i gain fat VERY easily! this is why i wanted to get as much muscle in this cycle as possible so i dont have to constantly watch my diet even though i am still very strict with what i eat anyway, my upper body body is hard and toned its only my waist and mid that has loose fat, im a 40" waist at present but with my height and upper body size it looks in proportion.

i can concentrate on cutting and dieting perfectly in my next cycle whilst maybe taking winstrol, t3 and clenbuterol or somthing like these... with me being a heavy weight i expect to get REALLY big if i do this right, this is why i need advice, i need to get muscle with the minimum risk of gaining anymore fat! very hard to do while on a high calorie diet as i have to watch my carb and fat intake and eat mainly proteins.

i do train hard 6 days a week tho and always add a little cardio and ab work. i have a fairly flat stomache but its the 'love handles' im having a lot of trouble shifting! really my goal is to get as big as possible!


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Lol come on Bushy, we know you're the closest thing this site has to a Duchaine. :wink:

Honestly, I give you props too because you gave me a warm welcome when I was a noob, and not just that, but because your posts are interesting, grounded, fair, thoughtful, non-abusive, and are very common sense (or what is called "UNcommon sense" in this day and age).

I know you wouldn't want to have groupies hanging on your every word, as I get the impression you'd rather just be a regular bloke - but you're still a highly valuable contributor to this site.

Just as a side note - in your avatar, it (rather moronically) took me almost a year to realize that what is covering your eye is the hilt of a Samurai sword (Katana). I'd always thought it was a camera or a robotic 'cyber' eye! LOL. It was only when this site brought in the larger icons did I realize what it really was - then I made the connection between your avatar and screen name to the actual art of Bushido, the warrior's way, and thus swords.


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i thought it was a camera too! lol


ive been reading a lot of past posts on sustanon 250 and i think i have a better undrstanding of the drug now than i did before, i now understand now that the reason for injecting every other day is because it has a blend of 4 esters, 2 long acting and 2 shorter acting and the shorter acting esters would not be working by the end of the week and therfore injecting once a week is no good so i will definatley be injecting 1ml every 3 days...

as for the test-max 400, all the info i could gather on this is that this too is made up of a blend of 4 different tests and sounds much like sustanon 250 only stronger, am i right in thinking this? but i cannot get any info at all on the n-max 400 (deca), can anyone advise on this?

also, by reading other past posts am i right in thinking that because sustanon 250 is a lot like t-max 400 that it would be pointless replacing one for the other near the end of the cycle as it is much the same thing?... can anyone please give advise on how to get the best from this cycle, i want to know if im taking an adequite dosage at the correct time to get good results or should i be taking a different steroid?

also, as i said before i didnt know anything about PCT but after reading about it i have read that PCT is a must to return your bodies natural testoterone levels back to normal again as when on steroids the body stops producing its own so could anyone advise what to take and when to start it as i really am at a loss when it comes to this?

i also read that i should definatley be on some form of Anti-E whilst on this cycle due to the amount of testosterone im taking in but i dont know what to take and when to start that either so again i ask for any advice and constructive criticism.

this is my first cycle and i want to learn as much as i possibly can about steroids so i am more prepared and confident for my next cycle... i would much rather have honest trustworthy advice from you guys than some one random bodybuilders personal preferences as just because it worked for him does not mean it is gonna work for everyone!


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