Please HELP with Chest Imbalance

Hey everyone ! I have been going to the gym for about 2 and a half years now and have noticed a chest imbalance. This imbalance was noticed about 5 months ago and i have been trying to fix it by doing single hand dumbbell presses etc but nothings really working. I feel like my right pec isn’t getting stimulated enough especially the part where i have circled in the image below. When i do pressing movements on an incline bench using dumbbells’, i can see my left pec rising more compared to my right if u get me. My non-dominant side (left) is bigger then the right.

If anyone has any recommendations to fix this i will greatly appreciate it ! Images are attached below

At this point it doesnt even need thinking about, let alone worrying about. Its not pronounced now and it will be even less pronounced when you build some muscle.


Before you set up, take a huge deep breath and really think about inflating your ribs on the bad side, and the area around your right shoulder blade with air. Actively push air into this area until you feel your ribs expand.

Once you have the right side of your upper back and shoulder blown up and expanded, really make an effort to get as much of your back/ribs/shoulder blade touching the bench as possible.

You may even have to arch your back less, and keep a more neutral position to get more meat onto the bench, for a more stable base.

Just get bigger and stronger and this stuff will work itself out. The worst thing you can do at this stage is worry about it to the point you start limiting your load or intensity (in my humble opinion).


… Dumbbell Bench and Flyes.

Some muscles are simply imbalanced, but you need to be nearing genetic potential (and quite lean) in most cases to actually determine an imbalance unless it is extremely pronounced. TBH I couldn’t tell there’s a difference in your picture.

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I would start by assessing your range of motion in your shoulders, hips and thoracic spine. See if you can uncover any type of imbalance this way. Typically, we will all have some type of daily activity, bias, etcetera that over time will create imbalance. This can more or less be pronounced from person to person, but I assure you we all have them, and most of the time it is not a big deal. While barbells can make this worse, they can also sort it out for you too. So, like others have mentioned above, getting stronger and building more muscle can work these out over time…

I wouldn’t stop what you’re doing, but instead I would spend some time each day (15-30minutes) trying to uncover and address tight and weak areas that could be contributing to how your body moves. In my experience, this is almost always the culprit for different sides of my body moving different from the other mirrored side.

If you need some guidance, I would start by testing your mobility in your hips first, your hips can affect how your shoulders move. Then test your ROM in your shoulders and spine as well. Some good resources are the books “Becoming a Supple Leopard” and “Rebuilding Milo.” Look up those authors and another guy I really like is Tom Morrison.

First of all, the lighting in your photo isn’t symmetrical, so this picture is pointless. You need lighting to be evenly cast across your body left to right to even assess asymmetry. But that being said… Dude. You don’t look like you’ve worked out once in your life. I know this sounds harsh, but THAT is the problem here. 2 1/2 years of lifting should NOT look like this.

If you want to look better, nit picking minor asymetry is not the way to do it. Put some muscle on, and if you’re still seeing this at that point, maybe there’s a discussion to be had. But for now, there is not.


The imbalance on your chest is just normal. I think you should not worry about it. Train harder until your chest get much bigger. At that point, you will not notice the difference

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