Please Help with Bloodwork Results

I was done with my FIRST cycle of test E 20,g twice a week x10 weeks back last July used .5adex eod nolva pct 40 40 20 20…

Current BW…
FSH- 1.7
Prolactin- 6.4
E2- 19.4
Test Serum 508 (down from 798 in feb)
Free Test- .7 (normal is 9.3-26.5)

I guess mo body never recovered from my first cycle…is there any hope? Or am I just fucked?? Someone please help

I am guessing you meant 200mg twice a week.
What are the ranges for the hormones? Need ranges for these otherwise it doesnt mean anything.
Have you changed anything recently in regards to lifestyle or diet? Taken any meds?


sorry didnt post ranges

FSH Range 1.4-18.1
LH 1.5-9.3
Prolactin 2.1-17.7
E2 11.6-41.2
Serum 348-1197
Free 9.3-26.5

It was 250 twice a week sorry…

Back in feb I started adex .25mf eod to get my e2 down from like 68 I think by the end of feb it was 39 now its 19 wasnt feeling well so I stopped taking adex for a week now and feel better was having a difficult time getting aroused very emotion and depressed…my drive is coming back now but now I’m worried i never recovered and will never.

And is it correct that your Free Test is 0.7? Thats not a typo meaning 7 is it?



I dont feel sluggish I have been losing weight making gains in the gym…something doesnt make sense to me

Your testes are OK and with lower E2 that should not be holding you back.

Did you use any 5-alpha reductase inhibitors for hair loss?

And did not use adex until PCT?

Liver AST/ALT labs?

Thanks for getting back to me. My Free test is ok at .7 and so far out of range?

No I have not use anything for hairloss and my cycle was May 2012-July 2012. Back in November had trouble staying erect and got advice to get an e2 level which I got in feb. I started the adex then again at .25mg and just stopped a little over a week ago. Should i be concerned with rebound again? I ended up at e3d so I really didn’t get a full taper. What is a liver AST lab/ALT lab? I can call me dr and get it tomorrow if needed…thank you again I really appreciate the help.

Also I ran 4 weeks nolva and 20mg then tapered for 2 weeks from eod to e3d etc end of jan beginning of feb from breast tenderness

When I got bloodwork back e2 was in range but I think low for me as I was having libido problems. After being off a week libido came back strong for about 3 days and after waking up this morning I have almost no drive again, yesterday I was like a caged animal.

Would there be that big of a difference if e2 was climbing back up? Should I try a dose of adex tonight and see how I feel tomorrow or should I wait and see how i feel tomorrow in general?

this is why I tell people to never start aas if they plan on stopping…

having low estrogen can also mess up your sex drive… testosterone is definitely not the only hormone that’s involved in sexual function

I didnt initially plan on stopping but after my cycle all the e issues arose now im trying to get them under control

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Low fsh will hurt your sperm production and potentially the balance of test. Sparmatoogenesis recovers on average 4 months after cycle. Test can take up to 12 in one short cycled study, and 22 months in another with longer termed users. If you post cycled give it time. Your lh looks good. And your prolactin and estrogen wont negatively impact test production. Get some vitamin d, zinc, and wait it out. And your estrogen isnt low, mine sits naturally at 12. This is why time off needs to be greater than time on, but then again i am a conservative approaching kinda guy. Your test may also be reduced from the unhealthy toll aas took on your body if you had no cycle support. In other words, increased blood pressure, cortisol, body mass (decileters of blood that the testosterone circulates in), and worse organ functioning. If you truly want to be as healthy where your body promotes such levels, id get a full metabolic panel, get vitamin levels and cholesterol checked. Judging by your LH, your hpta isnt horrible. Just saying. 6 LH is plenty. Focus on your testicles and sperm production if anything. I dont know which february you are referring to, but bloodwork can be skewed on a number of products. Lastly, perhaps try d aspartic acid. While regarded as a weak otc product by many, it does not just stimulate lh, it affects camp receptors and more that will probably help with the testicles like any good libido booster. Take alongside an ai, then just wait. Time man. Just takes time. Get that fsh level up.

Thank you for the advice…I am going to the doc today and getting BW and also have my endo today. I just got some clomid gunna run it and taper off. I have been taking zinc and vit d since I have a vit d deficiency. I will take the d aspartic acid and also looking into acetyl l-carnitine to help with receptor up-regulation…I got my BW in feb of this year 2013…been very up and down since November 2012.

My HDL is high and ldl is low I know that, bp and cortisol are perfect i never ended up putting results up of my cortisol. I know my E isn’t low in the range but at that point I had no libido. I laid off the ai for a week and it retured for a few days then dropped again so I am close to whats comfortable for me just trying to hit it and stay there