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Please Help with Blood Tests

In summer of 2016 I was working my first job on a construction site , where I was basically a garbage man picking up plastic bottles in the sun all day. I was also on a severe calorie deficit at this time and overtraining (cardio) I noticed a drop in my libido but didnt think too much of it, since I was so busy with my job.

However after 6 months I decided to go to a doctor and start eating more calories again. The testosterone levels came back normal but I have so many symptoms.

-Horrible body odor (this is not the testosterone body odor I had before, this is like toxic body odor, it smells horrible.
-dry tired eyes with dark circles
-Numb genitals (complete lack of sensation like rubber)

  • tight and high scrotum
  • low semen volume and force
  • no good feeling in orgasm/ejaculation
    -leaking urine, and discomfort in right testicle, vas deferens.

DHT 179 (300-850)
E2 12 (11-38.5)
DHEA-s is also elevated.

Out of blood tests GGT+ ALT were elevated on all 3 of my last blood tests in the last 2 years. Billirubin is also elevated. Uric Acid is elevated as well?

I spoke with Dr. Crisler over facebook, because my doctor was telling me that only nerves can cause numb genitals but I know this is a hormonal issue. He told me that DHT can cause this so I got it checked and it was low. I read that DHT blockers can cause low DHT if testosterone is normal/high but I did not take one??

Is it possible im dealing with a liver/kidney issue causing the low dht and e2??!

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