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Please Help with 16 Week Transformation, CT

Hey CT I’ve always followed the information you’ve given and trust your judgement so this is why I’m coming to you (sorry for long post) I’m lost and I need to regain my training mojo

I really need some guidance, my training has been so all over the place for the past year, a lack of focus and over thinking things. I’m not happy with my strength level or muscle size, but then I know I need to lean up as well.

Once I choose or design a program I constantly have self doubt about whether it’s the right choice/if it’s working/is it optimal…why am I trying to lean up, It would be more efficient if I had more muscle…why am I trying to gain size, I’m out of shape!!

It’s getting me down and I know I’ve wasted so much time in this state, years training hard and obsessing but with no real objective progress. I hate the feeling of training hard but just spinning my wheels.

I’m not asking for a program I know you don’t like that I just really need some guidance on how to set up my training, I have self doubt when I choose/design programs but when I hear your advice it fills me with belief and confidence in what I’m doing.

I’d like to in 16 weeks really transform my body and achieve some actual strong results in size, strength and body comp.

I’m 25 6’1 225 aprox 15-18 % bodyfat

Thanks for reading CT

Not CT, but you are trying pretty much EVERYTHING at once, bare getting ready for the NFL combine. You are hindering yourself. Focus on losing fat first or muscle and strength. Then you might surprise yourself in 16 weeks (what isn’t that much time…).

If I had to do it:
Just eat healthy (there is enough to find on that here, but for an easy plan: get 1g of protein per lbs of bodyweight, eat 2 servings of fruit, eat 2 servings of vegetables, eat some healthy fats like olive oil/avocado/fish oil, and get some stuff in like rice or potatoes to get energy for your workouts), that wouldn’t hurt you body comp all that badly.

Next to that, pick a CT program which delivers muscle mass and strength like The Complete Power Look Program or 915, and follow that religiously.

When you finished that, chances are you are bigger, stronger, and therefore look less fat. You can try to lose some fat by cutting back carbs, and doing conditioning, but in 16 weeks, you should be very happy you gained noticeable size and strength, you can’t expect the world.