Please Help W/ My Cycle

1-4 Dbol 30mg/eq
1-10 Sus 250mg/wk
1-10 Deca 200mg/wk
12-13 nolva 40mg/eq
14-15 nolva 20mg/eq

1-8 liquidex .5mg/eod
1-8 Milk Thistle 1000mg/eq
Joint Support Capsules from Vitamin Shoppee (not sure of dosing yet)

how should I split up the test and deca shots so I can start PCT at the perfect time. I was under the impression of deca monday, sus friday because deca stays in your system a week longer thsan the sus. is this correct? is my PCT timing right?

oh and when is the soonest I can do a cutting cycle of Clen t3 and winny (50 mg tabs) after this? or should I just add it the the end and hold off the PCT for a couple weeks.

It is often recommended to run Test 2 weeks longer than Deca so the system clearance is in sync.

What exactly are you seeking to accomplish with this cycle??

I personally hate the idea of cutting right after gaining some mass. Gain, maintain then cut