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Please help tweak this

While I’m pretty sure I’ve got the actual AAS cycle correct I’m still a bit confused as to PCT. I’m trying to stay away from Clomid as I’ve heard the nightmare stories about mood swings etc but I’m not against using it if need be. I love P22’s HCG in-cycle solution and I’ve implemented that but I’d like you vets to check it out and offer any suggestions you can. I’m definitely an anal person so I’m not starting the cycle till I’m sure I’m comfortable and with it and understand exactly what I’m doing and why so reasons behind your thoughts would defintely be helpful. Thanks!

Week 1-2
250mg Test Enanthate M & Th
10mg Nolva ED

Week 3
Add 500iu HCG on Saturdays & Sundays

Week 4
Add 50mg Oral Winstrol ED

Week 10
Complete last shot of Enanthate
Complete last of Oral Winstrol
Complete last shot of HCG

Week 11
40mg Nolva Day 1
20mg Rest of week

Week 12
10mg Nolva Daily

Week 15
3 weeks out from last shot levels of Enanthae fall below suppression levels. Recovery complete.

Cycle begins 6/28 and runs to 9/26 including PCT

That dosage of test is so small, it’s almost insignificant. It’s simply going to replace your natural production. I’d suggest using 500mg minimum.

sh*t, sorry, I didn’t see your M and Thursday injections, ignore my last post.

btw, I would drop the last 2 weeks injections of test and add it to the start as a frontload.

IE./ Continue the winstrol to week 10, but drop the test at week 8.

I have to agree with archaic. The winstrol by itself will help solidify your gains postcycle, while blood levels of the test enantate fall. Winstrol is a much less suppressive steroid, and is much easier to recover from.

I also recomend you split your injections up into half cc shots and shoot eod. Blood levels will be more even which will cause less side effects,and better gains. Conversely: The more your hormone levels fluctuate the less gains you will get and the more hormonal side effects you should expect for example: acne

oh and I might as well say that I can’t take credit for that pct protocol because it orrigionally is Swale’s protocol.

Agreeing with most of the replies above. Personally I like the Monday, Thursday injects of the Enanthate. I agree with P-22 but find it more convenient to not inject ED or EOD. Drop the enanthate 2 weeks prior to your PCT but keep the Winny going and you should be set!

Oh yeah and frontload, definitly frontload (Rainman)

Thanks guys, those suggestions are great. I thought about frontloading and actually asked about it before but I guess I just forgot about actually doing it heh. I’m guessing the PCT #'s are OK and I’m not going to absolutely need the Clomid since no one found anything wrong with the #'s of Nolva or the exclusion of Clen? Thanks again for all you help guys. I want this to work perfectly.

Seeing that your Enanthate dosages aren’t that high (typically), I’m sure you can get away with not using any Clomid. Your HCG therapy during your cycle and Nolvadex post cycle should suffice.

Excluding Clen right now would actually be the BEST idea. Clen can be catabolic and placing it post cycle can be a “double whammie” as you are trying to recover. Recover first, then consider supplementing with Clen. Good luck.