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Please Help This Bodybuilding Noob


hi guys and i apologise for interruption

my body type is ecto - mesomorph

i am a total noob in bodybuilding

i want to build this type of body

i have no idea what workouts should i be doing example reps/sets and rests and diet

so can you please let me how to build such a physique?

i take ZMA every night on a 30mg zinc , 450mb magnesium and 10mg of b6

and take 500mg L- argerine

and cod liver oil capsule on 100% RDA


Posting your current stats/training/diet would be a start, give us something to work with


lift heavy and eat a lot


Have you tried researching the 1000's of articles and posts on this site? Nobody is going to take the time to put together a complete diet and workout plan for you (for free at least).


maybe ask the guy in the photo


Dixie you are good at internet. you've got the meme connection.


Okay, wait.

I thought you "find it easy to burn fat and put muscle"

Even though you "lost both of my testicles and cannot supply my body with enough testosterone"

To quote Ben from Night of the Living Dead, "It would be nice of you get your story straight, man."

Until you can convince us that you're not some dorkish troll wasting our time because you've got a pathetic real life, my brief advice is to lift like this:

And eat like this:

Now I'm done, until you post a recent pic as a first step, at which time I'll invest more attention to your situation.


Grow a nut sack and lift...






ok the first thread is right

second you linked to i was gonna ask when i had testicles, and i also heard that testosterone changes the certain features of your body

now when i found out first that i find it easy to put on muscle and loose fat was i was just working on my calves and within one month i dveloped very big calves

and fat = i did a lot of sprinting without knowing anything and didnot eat almost any sugar and calories for a week and my facial fat shedded away so quickly (when i had testicles)


and sorry guys i dnnot have a webcam

but my body looks a bit like this

but my abs are less defined thats it


soooo your skinny without abs? not good.


School can get boring at times.


i hear that. hence the constant T-Nationing. its reading week and im still writing fuckin papers.




I hear that, again. Law school is wearin me out.


haha law school totally trumps grad school. good luck with that big dawg.


jskrabac, who is the girl in your avatar!?


shay laren