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Please Help, Swollen Leg and Still Stiff Post Injection

Hi guys. Im 33, 5’8 and 156lbs. I’m on my first cycle of Test 450 blend which does have EO in it. The 1st injection was sore and stiff for about 2 days and returned to normal functionality, no issues. I’m injecting 1ml into my quad with an insulin needle, 29g/0.52 inch, once a week. I injected into my second leg on Sunday and today being Friday I’m freaking out a bit. My leg, although I can walk today with not much pain, is still swollen and very stiff / tight (cannot bend it completely). I do have a bit of redness across the top of my quad aswell, but it’s not warm or hot or anything.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Draw a marker around the spot of irritation, if the swelling spreads or you start to have symptoms such as the addition of a fever, blisters etc go to the doctor. Sounds like a general adverse injection site reaction (inflammation), I had a really bad case of this from a tricep shot once. Stay safe yeet

High concentration gear is going to hurt. That’s just how it is. If you’re pinning quads and getting a lot of pain you should 1.) pin on leg day (yes, it’s counterintuitive, but working the sore muscle has helped get rid of the pain for me and many other guys), and 2.) find other spots and see if they hurt less. But at 450 you’re going to have pain. That’s why a lot of people avoid the higher concentration stuff. It just hurts. Unless you want to dilute it you’ll have to play through the pain.


@iron_yuppie I won’t take anything over 200mg in concentrations for this reason. I’d way rather pin more.


@iron_yuppie Thanks, yeah I figured as much…just didn’t get this much pain or reaction the first time. I also think I didn’t pin deep enough. Had my weekly pin in the right leg today. Switched to a 1 inch needle today, warm the vial a little and massaged my leg even more than normal. I normally start feeling a bit of pain 2 hours in. But it’s been 4hrs and don’t have nearly the same post injection pain. Playing through the pain it is.

@unreal24278 Thanks dude. Kept on the ibuprofen and hot baths massaging it worked like magic. Redness is gone and swelling almost all disappeared. Switched to a 1 inch needle today for my other leg. I think I might not have pinned deep enough even though I’m a small guy.