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Please Help, So Confused


Hello All,

I have been on Androgel for about 2-3 months now, total T numbers up from 209 to 491. I would like your thoughts on my Endo's comments today. First she tries to tell me 491 is the level of someone in their early 20's, I called BS and told her I want to be between 800-1100. I am 32. I proceed to explain that I am not paying $280 a month for the gel anymore and want to go on injections.

She reluctantly agreed, but she did agree. She prescribed Test Cyp 200mg every 2 weeks. I told her that I am going to inject 50mg twice a week (as I have learned reading this forum). Here's the kicker...she told me not to inject that much because it could cause cancer! WTF! Who says that?!

Can anyone explain to me if that is correct or is she just trying to scare me to following her protocol?


That's a new one. So the act of injecting causes cancer? The poor people with diabetes who must inject daily....

I think you should consider a new doctor.


Strange, if she prescribed 200 MG every two weeks, I would assume that would mean one injection of 200 MG every two weeks. That would be more than you 50 MG twice a week. So wouldn't her protocol be four times a carcinogenic.

Sound like a scare tactic, donâ??t fall for it.


Some thought high T levels were associated with increased risk of prostate cancer. Been debunked for quite some time now.

If she's concerned with DHT, she should just monitor and treat. As long as you can get her to agree to your preferences for treatment, keep her. Tough to find one that will even do that, much less volunteer and intelligent plan.


My thoughts exactly, for me it came out of left field, the last problem on my mind was cancer. I will be injecting 50mg 2x/wk. Thanks ikeholtz.


Good to know dhickey. Thanks. Yea I am going to keep her. She has an odd way of explaining her methods but does bend for me.


Jesus fucking christ


I have been thinking about your doctor's statement, "you'll get cancer." This seems to be a way to strike fear in TRT patients. If they really what you to back down they will say prostate cancer. No guy wants to face that, but the latest large study out of England is that TRT patients did not have a significantly higher risk of any cancers. http://www.mendeley.com/research/two-years-of-testosterone-therapy-associated-with-decline-in-prostatespecific-antigen-in-a-man-with-untreated-prostate-cancer/

I think she may also be making a math error with Testosterone half life. She may be presuming that more frequent doses make for a higher amount in the blood. This is incorrect, here is a link another member posted to nice calculator with cycle adjusted for half lives. http://pct.befit4free.net/index.php

This shows a peak level with a protocol of 200 MG every two weeks as 266 MG and a low of 73.7 MG.
A protocol of 50MG every 3.5 days shows a peak of 170.7 MG and a low of 133.2 MG.

I bet if you showed her those figures she might be taken aback.


yea, tell me about it.


Good stuff ikeholtz. I am definitely going to to show her all of that info.


I thought of what you could say back to you Doctor, "Some say it is malpractice to prescribe Test Cyp without a amortize inhibitor." I think the word malpractice should put the fear ball back in her court.