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Please Help... Shingles?

Hey guys im trippin about this man…i need some help…so wednesday night me and my friends had a couple drinks and i wasnt feeling good at all…threw up a couple times…i mean i was feeling BAD…when i say bad i mean at the edge.

so the problem is…in the morning after i was feelin real bad…i had some sort of rash looking svab thing on my butt…its a real dark scab…and then behind it its lighter pink colored. i went to the emergency today because i was trippin out and the doc told me its shingles…i dont know what th ehell that is but thats what he said. he said it happens when ur stressed or ill or not enough sleep…then that occurs.

my question is this…since this happened RANDOMLY…like out of no where…its not skin cancer right? skin cancer cant randomly happen like this??? im so paranoid man. anyone ever experienced this? it doesnt hurt too bad…hurts like a scab. cancer cant happen overnight correct?

i mean this wasnt an ongoing thing it just randomly appeared…please someone help…can someone assure me its not skin cancer or anything like that since its on my butt and its not really exposed to the sun…and i dont consider myself light skinned or anything. dont have many moles or freckles either…im just trippin man (the doctor said it was shingles or something but when i look at pictures it doesnt really look the same i just wanna make sure)

i dont know how it can be shingles if it doesnt hurt at all. arent shingles supposed to hurt real bad?

"The first sign of shingles is usually excessively sensitive, tingling or burning skin where the shingles rash subsequently appears. The area is often painful. At the same time, you may experience fever, headache and enlarged lymph nodes.

After a few days, the characteristic shingles rash appears as a band or patch of red spots on the side of the trunk or face. It usually appears on one side only. The rash develops into fluid-filled blisters that then collapse, forming small ulcers. These dry out and form crusts.

A common complication of shingles is pain in the area of the rash that persists after the rash has disappeared, called post-herpetic neuralgia. People with intractable post-herpetic pain often become depressed. Post-herpetic neuralgia is more likely to occur the older you are."

Have you had Chicken Pox? Shingles is a reactivation of the virus - I imagine it’s unlikely that you could get shingles without having chicken pox first.

Pain doesn’t always come with shingles though . In all seriousness and not to sound too ghey, pm me a pic and I’ll have one of the doctors where I work give you a second opinion if you are that concerned.

You say you were feeling bad? Was it feverish?

i was feeling real bad man…like panic attacks…constant sweating. it was from drinking too much… and ya ive had chicken pox…please man that would be great if uc an ask ur doctor ill pm u a pic in a bit…i really really appreciate it

ps- and please tell ur doc the story of how i was feelin bad so he can assure it isnt cancer…cuz it jsut randomly appeared and im sure cancer doesnt happen like that

If a doctor already told you it was shingles what would make you think it was skin cancer?

cuz im paranoid…lol

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you’re right. ill try

Read up about shingles, causes leading up to it, as well as everything you can about skin cancer; if only to reassure yourself that you’re overreacting.

Besides, it’s probably a tumor.

[quote]kobe4life08 wrote:
you’re right. ill try[/quote]

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

lol ok i wont…

by teh way Renton i pmed you the pic sir.

Actually looks like shingles to me IIRC last time I saw it.

Will still get you a second opinion though.

thanks bro


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What are you, 13?

[quote]kobe4life08 wrote:

What the fuck? Do you think cancer knocks on your door and asks to come in? It’s random as all hell. There may be reasons why people get it, but its etiology is is ambiguous. Scoring high on risk factors doesn’t mean you will get it. Scoring low doesn’t mean you won’t.

You are connected to the internet. Grow up and do some reading.

It is the same thing that causes the chicken pox.

i dont even know why im trippin out…how can i get skin cancer on my ass when its not even exposed to sunlight or anything. im just trippin man.

[quote]kobe4life08 wrote:
i dont even know why im trippin out…how can i get skin cancer on my ass when its not even exposed to sunlight or anything. im just trippin man.[/quote]

on acid?

Does it mean that I’m a sadistic asshole because this thread made me laugh my ass off?

Dude, chill out.

If it’s stress induced you’re not doing yourself any favors by freaking out about it, right?