Please Help, Serious Rear Delt Pain

Hey all
I need some help/advice, whatever you all can give. Ive been a long time reader and few time poster.

Ive been trying a rotation of Push Pull for about 3 months. a little program i wasnted to mess around with. Long story short i have been doing heavy seated dumbell military press followed immediately by pullups. i do about 6 sets of 10 to 15 on each and the weights for the press are as follows. 40,60,70,80,90,100. all sets are 10-15 reps.

the last few weeks i have noticed slight pain in my left rear delt when i push up on the first rep after the 90 degree mark and on the way down right before i hit 90 degrees.

over the last 4 days when i stretch my left shoulder across the right side of my body the rear left delt feels deep pain. and over the last 2 days i cant even lift 20lb dumbells overhead without pain in the left rear delt.

I am worried and confused, i utilize a pretty good rotator cuff program 3 times a week. although i did ignore it for 2 months at the start of this program.

Please all, any help will be greatly appreciated.

If it helps. the pain is less on presses if i bring my elbows slightly forward instead of straight out to the sides.

Bottom line any issues with lifting that you have pain you should see your Doctor.
And stop lifting till you see him!!
I know it is a pain to go to them and most times they say “Let’s get an xray first”. In the mean time you are saying I’m missing this many days of lifting.

Look I tore a groin muscle in Jan and I knew what it was and I knew what I had to do but still I left the gym immediately and went home and called the Doctor got an appointment and then called my Dad to drive me there.
He told me to ice it the first 24 hours and the do heat and take Advil for pain, duh I knew that! but 9 month later I’m squatting 700lbs, more weight than I ever did but I couldn’t lift for like a month and then that was only arms and light chest.
Do the right thing and go to a Doctor.

Good Luck

your dead on,

I was trying to take a short cut, i hate having to go see a GP to get a referal, but your right.

I appreciate the help

i suspect a nerve impingement.
if you can try to see a PT or Soft tissue guy to sort this out.

I am pretty sure that you have a pretty major muscle imbalance between your front delts and rear delts. First stop with the bodybuilding sets and reps, and stick to 3 sets of 6-10. If you have access to them use jumps stretch bands and start doing arrow pulls. I have been in this game over 25 years and the pain you describe is an imbalance between the front and rear.

Lay off the front delt work, which means no shoulder press exercises at all for a few weeks, you can bench but don’t do any shoulder pressing. Arrow pulls can be done by wrapping a band around the back upright of a power rack and then placing you hand on the front upright with your feet in the place that you would use to shoot an arrow through a bow, then pull the band to your chin using the hand furthest from the back upright and hold and release slowly. Do 3x10 and then do rear delt work, such as upright rows, and bent over rear delts all for 3x10. Do your rear delt work on a different day then you bench.

I have done this shoulder rehab with several of my lifters and in a few weeks there will be no more pain and you’ll be stronger then ever. Then you can start adding in front delt work, but it must be balanced with enough rear delt work.


I think the shoulder imbalance is right on.
I can tell a serious imbalance just by looking at them, and to be honest i neglect the rear delts alot.

Is there anything i can do in the mean time,

should i stretch

even when i bring my left arm across my body i feel pain in the rear delt towards the bottom.

I have a lot of doctors in my family, so it’s easier for me, but at least give your doctor a call before you continue lifting if you feel a serious pain.