Please help! receding chin

Hi people. I have a big problem! I don’t have much self-esteem. The biggest problem I have is a horrible receding chin. I don’t have money for plastic surgery and I don’t really want to get it. I was wondering if I could do exercises on my chin to make it hypertrophy. What do you guys think about it? I do have a good knowledge about bodybuilding as I do Olympic-style weightlifting. Do you think that this could work? Do you have any more advice?



I don’t think there are enough muscles in the chin to hypertrophy. I have seen some “exercise” devices in men’s magazines for the jaw and face, but these are rip offs. Grow a goatee. :slight_smile:

Go for the surgery. A friend of mine has has lipo suctions done cheaply at teaching hospitals. The surgery is performed my MDs who are specializing in plastic surgery. The operation is supervised by a licensed plastic surgeon. It should run you no more than $1,000

can’t help ya bro… my chin is huge and the ladies dig it