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Please Help Put On Extra Muscle

Hej i am a guy aged 29 from Denmark, i have been lifting for 8 years the last 2 without juice and i will like to keep it that way :slightly_smiling_face: my question is how to put on some ekstra muscle natural ,? Is it go heavy or lot of reps or maybe a mix ? When i used juice it worked very fine , i am a tall guy about 190 cm thank you guys :slightly_smiling_face:

How long had you lifted before you got on gear?

I have been lifting 2 years before

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well there are few things you going have to deal with mentally possibly…
slower recovery and progression
Less tolerance to volume and or intensity
Have you lost much since being off?

Then continue doing what you were doing. If you want to be a bit conservative reduce volume by 1-3 sets per muscle and add in more if you are recovering.