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Please Help - New Routine & Supps


Ok, I used to hit the gym hard, healthy diet and only protein. Its been 3 months, now i need to get back into the game.

I bought XPand-Creatine, and will purchase protein (not sure which is best).
I plan to hit the gym 2 times a day, short session in the morning, then a longer session in the evening.

I gained about 10 lbs of fat during the summer which puts me at approx 170lbs standing at 5'10''.

My goal is to bulk up AND loose the excess body fat that i have. i have a faint 4 pack left, but the beer gut is still present.

I used to weight train for 1 - 1.5 hours then cardio for about 45 minutes after. But like i said, now i need some professional assistance to optimize my time in the gym.

Also if someone can refer me to a site maybe? that has a good food plan for my goals, that would be greatly appreciated. Also suggestion for what protein i need and a good exercise program to help me bulk up.

Thanx a lot in advance for all your help, and if there are other sites i might be able to get my questions answered, or read more on, please advice.



Check out Are you a Beginner Post II at the top of this forum its got links to diets and routines.


Great suggestion! Here's a link to "Are You a Beginner?"