Hi,Ive got a serious whole left side are bigger and stronger than my right side.One example would be my left arm wich is about 1,5 cm bigger and 5-10% stronger than my right arm.Do anyone know what the reasion for this may be? PS:Youll have to exuse my bad English…it`s not my language.Thank you.

I’d recommend doing more dumbbell work. Say for your DB Curls if you regularly do 4 sets of 8, do 4 sets of 8 for your weak side and only 3 sets for your strong side. If there’s a big difference, you might even consider just training the weak side. Basically, try some unilateral training.
There might be some nerve problems as well, I’m not too knowledgeable about this, but your imbalances might be due to this.

The most basic solution would be to include a lot of unilateral movements, where the weight and sets of your left never exceed those done by your right, possibly with extra set or so on your right

Too much masterbation. Haa haa. Seriously everyone has a muscle imbalance it is natural that one side will be better developed just do not add to it. Make sure to work weak side first and that type of stuff like Ian suggests. Good luck.

Are you right-handed? I’ve heard that non-dominant limbs are often stronger than the dominant limbs, possibly because they are used less in everyday life and are therefore allowed more true recovery time. Unilateral work as described by the others should fix the problem.

If I remember correctly, this is what causes it. Let’s say for instance that your right-arm is dominant and it is stronger than your left (since you use it more often.) When you begin to work out and do bicep exercises (or any other exercises that uses the biceps such as pull-ups) your non-dominant arm has to work HARDER since it is the weaker of the 2. In other words, it’s trying to “catch up” with the other arm. I have the same “problem”; my left arm is about 1/4 inch bigger than my right. I don’t sweat it though. If you want to fix it, try unilateral training.

How much dumbell work have you been doing? If you have been doing a reasonable amount the problem could be that the muscles on the weak side of your body are actually getting less of an impulse from your brain than your strong side. Poliquin mentioned this (I think back in an old issue of MM2k) and said that it could be fixed by a good accupuncturist. You might also try a chiropractor. Best of luck.