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Please help me

Hi, i plan on taking 2 cycles of mag 10, this includes 2 weeks on the 2 weeks on tribex, and im going to do it twice(total of 8 weeks). I looking to get the best gains possible. Im 17 years old, i have been lifting seriously for almost 3 years. I am a wrestler and i weigh 142 pounds, bench 225, full squat 305, and clean 225. I really need to gain strength, power, and some mass. I really need to gain on my bench, incline bench, squat, clean, and snatch. Could someone please send me a workout i could do to accomplish my goals, i would greatly appreciate the help. Im sorry this is so long but i want to get the best gains possible. thank you very much

Have you browsed the T-mag FAQ section yet? Try it.


Based upon your post, you need to ask yourself one extremely important question before proceeding any further: are you training for strength or are you training for size.

Invariably, depending on your goals, you will have to train differently. I'm not trying to make this overly simple (because it's not), but if you're training for strength you should be using a program that focuses on high weight / low reps.

If, however, you seek to gain mass, then a hypertrophy program of 8 to 12 rep sets would be your choice.

Ironically, whether your choice is mass or strength, your most important element will be diet. There are plenty of articles / threads on this forum that can help you with a diet selection that's right for you.

I recently developed a program that focuses both on strength gain and size. I must warn you that this program is brand new and completely unproven. In other words, I don't know how well it's going to work! But if you're interested, check the thread called "Has this ever happened to you". I believe it's still active. About 3/4 of the way down you'll see the program.

It consists of 1 week hypertrophy training followed by 1 week of strength training. The cycle would simply be repeated over and over for as long as you see results with it.

Keep me posted!

you are 17 and a pretty strong one two you have planty of time top grow taller fill out your frame and get stronger why would you take mag 10 bew patient and not stupid