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Please Help Me with this Cycle :)


ok guys im kinda stumped i have got my hands on some tri-test 400 only its the stuff with the tren

tren ac 50mg
tren enth 50mg
tren h 50mg
and test cyp 200mg

this is all in 1 ml

im wanting to run this at 3ml per week injecting e3d is this 2 much???

my cycle will be

wk1-4 40mg dbol ed
wk1-10 3ml of the tri tren 400
wk-1-9 500mg of deca

pct will be clomid, tam, and im awaiting armidex....

please scrutinise this and give me your thoughgts and suggestions please



first post btw so hello evertyone


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Either do what BBB said or be ready to inject every day