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Please Help Me with My Squat Form!

So I was at the gym today, I’d stretched and warmed up and when i got to my first working set of squats and got a huge stabbing pain in the lower region of my ITB. I gave it a rest and tried again however the pain persists and is almost unbearable and only occurs at the bottom of the movement.
I’ve linked a video of my squat form below (had to do no weight due to the pain but I’ve verified with a friend that is how i squat normally (just not quite as deep). I SQUAT HIGH BAR.

Obviously the first noticeable issue is that I do the butt wink. How do I get rid of this??

The other problem is i think i lean forward way too much for high bar. I have VERY poor ankle mobility so could this be the issue causing me to lean forward and put way too much pressure on the tendons in my knees (such as the one ive injured)?

Don’t squat so deep and you’ll be fine.

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I agree, get more flexible or cut your depth just below parallel.

You don’t just have butt wink, your whole back is rounded. The bar is too far forward because you are leaning way forward. Watch some how-to-squat videos, you need to learn the basics. The one on Mark Bell’s channel with Ed Coan is good.

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