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Please Help Me With My Dreams


Hey T-Nation whats up ?
Unfortunately after almost 9 years of pure basketball training, I just now realize that I definitely need to improve my strength/athletic training to be succesful. Yes, I'm European. All we do is a lot of technique and skill training in basketball. Strength Training wise I have to admid, you Americans are huge steps ahead of us and that's why I don't ask any of the trainers in my local gym. They simply suck.(aka bicep curls in the squat rack & muscle endurance circles on machines...)

To start off, I'm 18 years old,6'5 195 pounds and currently at 13,5 % body fat. All my lifts are weak as shit, and therefore I'm slow, can't jump etc.(tell me if you need more stats please).
Benchpress: max 155 pounds, 70 kilos
Squat: not flexible enough max maybe 200 pounds, 90 kilos
Deadlift: max 220 pounds, 100 kilos
Military Press with dumbbells: 40 pounds x 10
Chin Ups: 8 body weight
Pull Ups: 6 body weight

I'm looking for a workout program & tips helping me out to exploit my full potential. I purchased the amped warm up by joe defranco and jim smith and can't wait to get started with it. Workout wise I want to improve in all possible categories and need tips a routine for these:
1)Strength Training: weights, body weight, suspension training
4)Mobility training my calves, hamstrings, hips and shoulders are extremely tight.
5)Speed training
6)Cardio - jogging or hill sprints ?
7)Foam rolling ? i've purchased a small foam roller only area that really hurts are my it bands
8)Activation exercises before working out
9)recovery stuff, I'm really sore after working out.
coordination exercises
10) nutrition, but I think I can figure that out myself

Right now, I am thinking about starting westside for skinny bastards 3 and lift 4 days during the off season, but I'm not sure if it's a good fit for me.

so it would be:
Monday afternoon: Max effort upper body, evening basketball team practise
Tuesday: Dynamic effort lower body, shoot a little + ball handling
Wednesday: Rest,evening basketball team praticse
Thursday: Repetition Upper Body Day, shoot a little + ball handling
Friday, Max effort lower body day, team practise I'm not sure if I can play after lifting that hard ?
Saturday: rest maybe pick up games
Sunday: rest maybe pick up games

some more questions:
What do you guys do in between sets ?
How often should I stretch ? I need a full body routine kinda
When and how often should I do mobility training ?

Thanks & sorry for any language problems. Please ask if you don't understand anything, English is not my mother tongue.


It's your dream, you do it.

And, is it that hard to read stickies?


This is obviously what I been doing, but I feel like they're more oriented towards body builders not athletes + they do not answer all of my questions. No need to post if you don't give information...


So...you're on a bodybuilding website, but don't want advice on bodybuilding. You want someone, or multiple someones, to take the time to lay out a comprehensive training plan that addresses everything you listed, without ever seeing you (or the equipment you have), for free?


You mentioned you have a Defranco book. He has multiple programs designed for athletes available on his website for free... that would be a good place to start.


I feel you because you did spend time writing a clear post with goals, numbers, everything people could want in a post. The problem is you then proceeded to ask for even more than what you wrote.

I'd suggest trying to write a plan yourself, break it down in parts. A plan for the Plyometric/Cardio and post it in the Cardio forum. A plan for the nutrition and post it in the Nutrition forum. And then come back to this post and post the Plyometric/Cardio post, the Nutrition post, and a third post regarding a Strength program you yourself wrote. (Don't make these separate threads but just one post with each part or three posts in this thread)

That way people can give you feedback without being asked to do a considerable amount of work for you.

You might try searching for NCAA Basketball Workouts in Google. A quick search I just did found this:

You might be able to find other NCAA schools with the workout or sample workout online as they want people to be able to prepare ahead of time and coaches like all professors want to get published.


Thank you a lot EndersDrift and Curt. I haven't thought about the NCAA, that's a good advise. I will follow it.

Places like these are about sharing wisdom right ? If you want to get paid eeu743, go get a job. Maybe in 10 years when I'm more experienced in strength training I might just help out your son or whoever to get started on this forum.

I didn't know that T-Nation is only a place for bodybuilders. sorry.


Try Westside for Skinny Bastards like you mentioned.


LOL. I have a job, shithead.

You didn't ask for "wisdom." You dismissed the suggestion that you read the stickied threads that exist solely to provide a great deal of information in one place, for beginners, such as yourself. You made a long list of everything you want, and asked for a plan that would incorporate all of it. That is NOT the purpose of this site. There are people who will do all the work for you, tell you exactly what to do at all times, and hold your hand every step of the way. You have to pay them.


Body builders are athletes.

I gave you info, you decided to take the easy way, let someone do it for you so you dont make any effort. In others words, you wont do it.

WFSB is a great place to start. But you already knew that. You just wanted affirmation so you can point the finger at someone else if you fail. Its a classic. Self confidence come from doing things you want, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Get off the fence and do it.

I know this is a beginner section, but beginner question would be "I have been doing WSFB for two months, but I feel I don't have enough explosive power, what can I do about that?" Do it, then we can help.

Also, out of your 10 questions, 8 would be answered by reading he stickies, one you answered yourself and last (#7) your IT band is tight, so it hurts. Keep at it, or go see some soft tissue specialist to release it (ART is an example)

Your last three questions can be answer easily. Only you would know, it's your body.

If you don't like the answer, don't ask the question.


Check out "Built like a badass" -its an update on ws4sb. Saying that ws4sb is a proven program and will get great results if you put the work in.


guys hes asking an honest question here on the beginners forum, either you should be a beginner or want to help out, OP read jim wendlers stuff, use the 5/3/1 workout, at your current state your maxes will sky rocket. try not to over complicate things. You dont have to have a complicated program to succed, you just have to work hard at an effective one, stretch in your down time when you have some, get some protein and if you want creatine, multivitamins, and i think fish oil would be a good idea. taller guys often, not always, have a tougher time with their joints, at the fish oil could help out with that, even if just as a precautionary method. like i said keep it simple brother, put in good honest hard work and you'll be fine