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Please Help Me with My 5/3/1


I just wanna make sure the assistance work I have chosen is adequate. I want to add that I do mon,wed,fri split and I do HIIT on mon and fri.

Overhead press 5/3/1
Rear raises 3x 14-10
Weighted Dips 3x 16-10 (superset)
Chinups 3x7(varying grips superset)
Gymnastic ring pullups 1x5 (progressing)
Standing curls 2x 10-8

Deadlift 5/3/1
Boxjumps 3x10
Ab plank 2x 60seconds
Weighted crunch 3x 15-10
Weighted hypers 3x10

Bench 5/3/1
Barbell rows 3x15-10
Dumbell bench 3x15-8
Shrugs 3x15
Skullcrushers 2x 16-8
(Pullups 10x4 done throughout entire routine in between every set following selkows method)
Gymnastics ring stability work

Squat 5/3/1
Leg curl 2x11-10
Unilateral leg press 2x16-15
Abdominal leg raises 3x15
Machine abdominal rotation 2x20

I recently added the gymnastics ring workouts because I read about how many benefits they have for strength gain and jacked physique after every upper body day I do stability training on them attempting to achieve and hold the support position. Once I get better add it I plan on adding ring dips and muscle-ups to my OH press day.

Please let me know of any suggestions or tweaks that would help me achieve my strength goals. And also if anyone knows of any beginner gymnastics ring routine to help me get better add it please let me know


Deadlift day: (box jumps and KB swings warmup)dead 5/3/1, squat (front or back) 10x3 or 5x6, Good mornings 3x10
Squat day: the same as dead day

i take it rear raises on OHP day are rear-delt orientated? good


Thanks for the suggestion and yes rear deltoid raise. The other days are good?


not bad at all, plenty of balance between push and pull.