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Please Help Me Understand My Bloodwork


This is at the end of a 2 week shot of 1cc of testosterone cyp.

WBC: 6.2. (range of scale 3.6-11.1)
RBC: 5.53 (4.27-5.49)
HGB: 16.5 (12.9-16.1)
HCT: 47.5 (37.7-46.5)
MCV: 86.0 (79.3-94.8)
MCH: 29.9 (26.8-33.2)
MCHC: 34.8 (33.5-35.5)
RDW: 13.0 (12.0-15.1)
PLTC: 275 (165-353)
MPV: 7.7 (7.5-10.7)
Lymph%: 42.4 (16.7-43.5)
Mono%: 6.4 (4.6-12.4)
Gran%: 47.7 (43.3-71.9)
Eos%: 3.2 (0.7-7.8)
Baso%: 0.3 (0.2-1.1)
Lymph#: 2.6 (1.1-2.7)
Mono#: 0.4 (0.3-0.8)
Grans#: 2.9 (1.9-7.2)
Eos#: 0.2 (0.0-0.5)
Baso#: 0.0 (0.0-0.1)

Total Testosterone = 1.53ng/ml (1.75-7.81)

My doctor said to just add 50 to my total T number for the scale and basically my total T is 200.

I know my hematocrit and rbc is high but what the heck does the rest of it mean?



Please tell me your doctor did a blood test with an in depth hormone check? Like free testosterone, fsh, lh, thyroid hormones, cortisol, prolactin, estradiol....And please tell me your doctor is monitoring estradiol as well? Or did he just look at your total testosterone and say oops need some testosterone injections? You didn't give us anything to analyze on why your testosterone is low just cell levels.


Nope. That's it. I asked for estradiol on a previous blood test and was told it was fine. Since things are so out of balance right now I am hoping to learn more on my own (through this site) and ask for specifics in my next lab test. I realize that once a week is not perfect but that is what I want to start with. Would 1 month on 1ml a week (I guess that would mean 400mg) yield a good number for bloodwork or should I wait 3 months? My doc schedules blood test every 3 months usually.

Or was 200mg a week a decent size dose? I was on it for 2 months and I felt like total crap but maybe I should have held out longer with the Endo.....

Any thoughts? Thanks for the help!


Problem with injections is you get a boost of testosterone and then a sharp decrease. So it can make your hormones fluctuate. Others on here will know MUCH more than I do about dosing schedules and the best forms of testosterone to take...getting something like androgel will help prevent the roller coasting.


With T cyp and T enth, and twice weekly injections, your values are amazingly stable. Even better if you inject 3x/week. The difference between peaks and troughs is less than about 100 ng/dL, which is excellent for those who are sensitive.

Androgel has many more problems than injections (cost being a major one).

I see absolutely no reason to not inject for your TRT. 2-3 times a week.


If my total T is 200 then what is a good dosage for 2 times a week shots? 100mg each shot or less/more?



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I realize that....sorry I will delete one and combine everything.