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Please Help Me Read My Blood Results


22/Male/ Quebec, Canada
Originally went to the doctor because I've had very low sex drive for a while, really weak erections, no morning wood, easily tired.

Here are the results, what do you think? The doctor didn't seem very knowledgeable but he told me it was perfectly fine

Thanks a lot for your insight


It’s possible that the levels are lower than you are used to, and you are affected by the relative change.

The numbers themselves are reasonable; any number of men do well on similar values. The most important of these is the calculated free value, which is midnormal. The low-mid normal total T is not a problem because it’s arising from low-mid SHBG.

There can be other causes for reduced sex drive and easy tiring than low testosterone. Have you been under increased stress? Any depressive factors?


Not really, no more stress than usual ( which means little to no stress really, work is pretty easy and has been stable for last couple years. That’s why I found it weird, I haven’t had any major changes in my life in the last 2 years.


Do you have good and sufficient sleep at fairly regular hours?

A thyroid panel would be a reasonable thing to check next if sleep is not an issue.


You need to do some reading then decide if there is anything that you can get done.

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We really can’t do much unless you provide more info about you.

Low-T is often a symptom and you need to find the cause. You need to look at more than those hormone tests.

fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol

You doc might not do these things.

Note that low thyroid function can have the same symptoms and lower T levels. See first paragraph in advice for new guys.


I sleep 7-8 hours a night, between 10 and 7 am every night. Don’t go out much, but when I do im in bed at 3am.


In that case, if wishing to test pretty comprehensively, then KSman’s advice above is excellent.

If needing to test as little as possible, most likely first, as you haven’t experienced particular stress or depressive issues, everything seems pretty much the same but libido, and calculated free T is midrange, then I’d do a thyroid panel as the first thing, and if willing to budget two tests, free estradiol as abnormally low estradiol could explain your systems, or (unknown if this is so) if your free T has dropped below what has been normal for you and the change is affecting you adversely, elevated estradiol could explain that.