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Please Help Me Reach My Goal


I was skinny fat before.. so any way..
I look lean when i flex
but fat when i don't
what bodyfat do you thnk i am ?
I know that my forearms are small... arms are a little bit lag..
and I'm working on it..

19 y.o.

been lifting for almost a year already
my goal is be look like an athlete or being lean with muscle like these pics

am i ready to cut to be look like these ?

suggestions, tips, advice or opinions..
I want you to help me reach my goal thank you.
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Advice: Maybe lift some weights?


If you want the "athletic" look, then I would advise you to start training like one. A very simple and proven training program for athletes is Joe Defranco's WS4SB. There are 3 versions of it, but it doesn't really matter which one you do as they are 95% the same.

Also I would suggest you get out of the "bodybuilding" mindset as far as bulking, cutting, couting calories, etc. Eat to fuel your training and don't stress yourself out over it.


You're off to a good start. You just need to put more time into building your muscular base before cutting.

I think if you do a major, hardcore cut right now, you'll lose too much size and definitely won't be happy with the finished product. The guy above is your same height and a lean (dehydrated) 135 in that picture. He walks around closer to 160.

So if a lean, jacked, athletic-looking build is your overall goal, I'd set your short-to-mid-term goal to be adding another 15-20 pounds of muscular bodyweight. There's no rush, because you're a young guy, and don't think that gaining size means you have to become an out of shape fatass. Eat smart and train smart, and you'll get where you want to go.

What does your training look like right now?