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Please Help Me Lose Weight


ok so im a pretty big boy now(6'1'' 275lbs) and im trying to get away from fast food and since im on the road all the time. that is kinda hard so what is something that is easy to pack and health for me. so far i quite drink sodas and beer. All i really drink now is a glass of O.J.(6-8oz) in the morning with breakfast and a glass of 2% milk( same 6-8oz) for dinner. the rest of the time its the good ol H2o. i was told since i want to drop weight i want to cut out the fast food and the sugars. which i have so far.

i have also been working out in the evenings. mostly push ups and sit up. i have also been running a little.


i was in the same situation. i was 6'1" 265 last year. there's lots of things you can pack that's healthy. protein shakes, protein bars, you can also cook your next days meals the night before and take them along with you. tuna is probably the easiest and one of the healthiest things you can find(it's also pretty cheap. living in NY i guess we have access to "healthier" foods, instead of fast foods just hit up a salad bar and be wise about what you put on your plate.


In general, I recommend looking at some of the diet plans that are out there (the non-liquid ones on T-Nation), as well as things like lyle mcdonald's ultimate diet. In general, if you try to boost protein while dropping both carbs and fat, it will provide a dietary thinking challenge, and probably a calories reduction.

Also, it would be a good idea to work harder in the gym (or a hotels exercise room). Try to build a total body weight routine (either all one day, or splits). If you're a noob at it, it won't matter too which workout you grab, as long as it works most of the big muscles. Cardio would be fine, too, if that floats your boat.

But the cliche that fat loss is made in the kitchen not the gym is true.

As a newbie dieter, who travels a lot, a couple of minor suggestions.
- it helps to quantify the goals. There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. A 500 cal daily deficit would therefore lose that much in a week. There are approximately 500 cals in a McD's double cheeseburger. So eat one less double cheese a day, and you've got yourself some modest but very sustainable weight loss.

  • It is possible to eat better (but not "clean") at restaurants and fast food. Look at good diets for inspiration, then dig around nutrition data as the fast food place's websites. For instance, a whopper, minus bun and mayo, with a side salad, isn't a total disaster. Get creative and work at it.

  • Since you're probably at a caloric surplus, view OJ and milk as "calories", unless you're short of vitamin C or calcium, which you probalby aren't.


Thanks for the help so far. i have just been tring to stay away from fast food in general. i have been packing a lunch sandwitch with some fruits lots of water staying away from the sugars as much as i can.

is there any good protein shakes or anything like that will help me. i know i can't afford to drinking them all the time but i can get some ever now again.

thanks again guys for the help


If losing weight is your goal, you need to pack on some muscle using a good pre-made routine (I'm sure someone who has been through what you are will chime in and recommend one) and do HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Google HIIT and read up on it. It's what most of your body builder's and fitness show people are doing to cut. Diet is also a huge factor. I would recommend a good diet book to help you get your diet in check, again I'm sure you will get some good recommendations for this too.


cut out the crap is the first thing e.g number one is beer cut it out completely did you no beer can raise your estrogen levels? fast food take aways,pizza(gasp),white bread,soda anyting refined heavily.

a good way to start is, 6 small meals a day
each one include a source of lean protein e.g lean steak,chicken
small amount of a good carb source E.g sweet potatoe, brown rice
and a portion of vegtables

you dont have to jump right in to eating like i said above ease into over a a week or two.

once you have lost some fat try carb cycling.

join a gym and do weights, doing weights will burn up them calories and change your shape for the better.

WS4SB link:


carb cycling link:



thank you too all please keep them going.
i have cut all the beer and soda out of my diet just drinking water. i have also been packing a lunch each morning. turkey or chinken sandwiches on 100% wheat bread plus been taking a bananna or apple. i have another question is yogert good or bad for you because i was thinking about getting some. i also have been taking a bag of sun chips.


Those are all good steps. And I think you can make some progress with those modifications.

I treat yogurt as any other dairy. Some protein, decent amount of sugar ('regular' yogurt has a lot of added sugar, so I'd avoid it). It's okay, not amazing.

Note what a lot of other guys around here are eating. It's mainly protein, with a decent amount of shunning of carbs and sometimes fat. If you're lifting and trying to built muscle, gobs of protein is key, and it tends to force out other available calories from you diet.

I recommend reading bunches. Here's a random old, but good article here I found: