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Please Help Me Interpet My Lab Results


Hi Folks,

This is my first post in this forum; although I have been studying the information here for some time. I am a 54 year old male and have exercised most of my adult life. Currently I am 5â?? 9 and 200 pounds with about 16% body fat (yea I need cardio).

Recently I have experienced less than ideal symptoms of low testosterone. I ran it by my doctor and she agreed to blood test as part of my annual physical. I took along the recommended blood panel from Dr. Crisler site. While she agreed to most of the tests others she would not. Her decision was based on insurance payments rather than not thinking the test was needed. Below are some of the critical numbers that I would love to get input on.

Cortisol 15.9 UG/DL
Estradiol 21.4 PG/ML
Testosterone 754.7 (250-950) NG/DL
TSH 2.04 (0.38-7.0) UIU/ML
Free Testosterone 10.7 PG/ML
Reference range
20-29 9.3-26.5
30-39 8.7-25.1
40-49 6.8-21.5
50-59 7.2-24
ALK Phosphatase 63 (26-126) U/L
Bilirubin Total 0.4 (0.2-1.2) MG/DL
Direct Bilirubin 0.1 (0-0.3) MG/DL
AST (SGOT) 29 (0-46) U/L
ALT (SGPT) 30 (6-40) U/L

I have tried to compare these with other numbers on the forum and it looks like my free testosterone could be low. I am feeling rundown with little sex drive and hardness is not where it should be when I do have sex. Any insight you could share would be great.



Depends on where your T was a couple of decades ago. If your body formed up on above average T, you would feel crappy with these levels. Some guys who have always had lower T would feel good with those levels.

You can judge, to some extent, where a guys T levels were by amounts of body hair, rugged facial bone structure etc.

Your T looks ideal. So that does not explain the problems. This leaves prolactin as a possible issue. Prolactin cannot be too bad as it would otherwise push T even lower. If prolactin is elevated, dopamine can be lower and one can feel some mood problems or low grade depression.

What drugs, Rx or otherwise are you taking. Can effect hormone levels, but typically by increasing E. M is needed. Any gear use? Any odd viral illnesses?

Any blows to the head or accidents/whiplash in the time frame of this decline?

You can order some labs and pay out of pocket. If you go that route, labs are on sale until mid June at LEF.org

What are your cholesterol numbers? Taking a statin drug? If so, how does the time frame of that fit with the problems?

Fish oils? Healthy fats? Supplements?



Where do I begin; yes I am taking anti-depressants, cymbalta to be exact. However, I am a veteran of these meds and know my symptoms are more then side effects.

My diet is OK; AD like, low carbs higher fat and protein. Supplement use amounts to Creatine and Whey.

Cholesterol 190 (200) MG/DL

Under a heading labeled AUTOMATED DIFF I have a few markers which are high and a few that are low.

Lymph percent H 48.7 (14-45) %
Mono percent H 17.1 (3-12) %
Gran percent L 31.3 (40-76) %
ABS Neut L 1.30 (1.6-7.4) TH/CUMM

I have no idea what these represent. No past AAS use. I certainly appreciate you looking these over. At the very least I can use them as reference going forward. As far as hair is concerned, I have never been in the shave at 16 group. In fact, I can go two days with shaving. When I do put on weight it is in female areas; hips, thighs and stomach.

Thank you,


Free T is an invalid test
SHBG is used to calculate the bio T
I would also look at DHEA as well if depression is an issue then there is usually a significant drop in DHEA.
I would also look at ft3, ft4. total t3, total t4, reverse t3, TPO TgaB