Please help me increase my testosterone!

I have really low testosterone…and i was wondering if there were any natural suppliments or exercises i could do to increase my t levels.I actually wouldn’t mind wouldn’t mind buying one of those formulas made especially for testosterone increase,as long as my estrogen dosen’t go up!
Thanks for yor help

Must depends on why you have low T, but ZMA, Tribex-500, and the “sols” (Androsol/Nandrsol) would help. If you really are that low, go to the doc and get a perscription for the real deal. Read TC’s article on the topic at t-mag.

how low is your testosterone? and what are “natural” supplements? i don’t any exercise would increase your T levels much. so long as you’re not doing cardio and running marathons. the easiest way to increase your T levels naturally would be diet. there are plenty of articles on this site that talk about that. if it’s still low after tweaking with it “naturally” go see a doctor and get some of Biotests Androsol, Nandrosol, or the highly awaited N-17E or T-17E.

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