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Please Help Me Fix My Squat



Keep your head up and sit down rather than pushing your hips back so much. Maybe try high bar because the technique is a bit easier and won’t allow you to turn it into a good morning.



I found this helpful.


First thing you need to do is take some weight off the bar.

Then take some more off.

Then try squatting again. Better? Good.

You have weak quads. Very weak quads. Learning to properly front squat would help you in several ways. Strengthen your quads, upper back, and help you groove a more upright stroke.


On top of what everyone else has said, you’ll want to work on your walk out. It’s currently very choppy and that might be affecting the rest of your squat.

I can’t really tell from the video but it seems to me that you might have relatively long femurs which is why you have a tendency to good morning the weight up. Lower the weight, squat a bunch more and take more side videos and let us know how it goes.

if you’d rather watch it, it’s a 3 part series

Good luck and update us on how it goes!


What everyone else has said in here, plus, What type of shoes are you wearing? If your using olympic lifting shoes try going without them. If you arent, try using them. Everyone in the world has seemed to hop on the fad of thinking they need olympic shoes to have a better squat. When in fact this is not teue for everyone. Squat shoes IMO are only suitable for some body types and squat styles.

Also it seems as though you are not " spreading the floor" to start your decent. Your decent motion should begin with you pushing your knees out to the sides, instead of just dropping straight down into a squat.

Also play around with stance width and toe angle. Maybe try a slightly wider stance combined with pushing your knees out to the side to start decent(spreading the floor). And i think that should help out alot

And also three other things that i noticed that other people already mentioned that were true were:

Walkout: your walkout is attrocious, it should be a straight pop up to lift the weight off the clips, then one foot back into position, the other foot back into position, then the other foot one last time if necessary to re adjust for proper width.

Head up: this is one of the most important aspects of squatting. The lower we look, the more we lose our upper back tightness, the more we have the tendency to lose correct vertical posture.
An old powerlifter once sat me down and told me never look into a mirror while squatting, put the clips on the other side of the rack facing the gym, and pick a spot in the distance near the ceiling and stare at the spot the entire time you squat. This will keep you more upright.

Weight: drop the weight bud