Please Help me Find this New Rap Song

I heard it on the radio and other places. It has a woman raping with a high pitched synthesized beat. Every so often you hear a hammer cock on a gun followed by 3 shots. I can’t remember what the lyrics were but I think I heard something about weed and possibly swagger. This song sounds really cool and I hope somebody helps me figure it out.

paper planes - MIA

no one on the corner has swagga like us…

You should listen to the song T.I feat Jayz, lil wayne - swagger like us… its a banger and it also has the lady doing the chorus part.

[quote]ahzaz wrote:
paper planes - MIA[/quote]

This is the song I was looking for right here!
Ahzaz, you are the fucking man.

[quote]elano wrote:
It has a woman raping[/quote]


That song is SOOO overplayed at the clubs now.

welcome to Atlanta… :confused:

[quote]Makavali wrote:
elano wrote:
It has a woman raping


Aww you beat me to it…

check out kid sister, another good female rapper