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Please Help Me Choose SAFE Supps!



I have recently starting hitting the gym with a friend who is an experienced lifter.

I have been taking Muscle Milk and a creatine product by Twin Lab.

But according to this site, Muscle Milk is deadly, and some creatine is dangerous as well.

I am 19yrs old. What should I be taking that won't mess me up later in life, and won't cost too much?

I'm sure you guys will recommend Biotest stuff. I was thinking about taking Grow! Whey and Biotest Creatine. is that safe?



I assume you're referring to the David Barr article (or Barrticle), I believe they have stopped adding the ingredient Dave was discussing so I'm sure you'll live

Stick with the basic versions and you'll be fine, these generally refer to the liquid versions

In general, consider protein powder a food substitute. You should take it when you either are not hungry or don't have time for a solid meal.

Other than that you could look into fish oils, more for general health, but most importantly look at your current eating/drinking habits. This is where you will get the most potential for improvements.

A creatine supplement is fine to take as well as a beginner, since it is relatively cheap, but you likely don't need it yet.


lol who ever told you muscle milk and creatine were deadly is an idiot. Muscle milk is simply protien, and creatine is simply creatine. Aside from nausea, stomach pains and gas, studies to date prove no known side effects associated with creatine use. In fact emerging research is finding that creatine my have its use in the medical field.


Barr refers to the glycocyamine as the ingredient in Muscle Milk that had negative effects. Muscle Milk no longer uses it in any of their products. As for creatine being dangerous there is no evidence supporting that. In fact new studies show creatine has a host of medical benefits.


I don't think Muscle Milk is dangerous, but it is a poorly designed product that relies on the "lean lipids" gimmick for people to buy it. Otherwise I can't imagine anyone wanting a protein powder filled with cheap canola oil. If you really want that much fat added to your protein powder, use olive oil or something else that's healthy.


creatine.... dangerous... AHAHAHAHAHA


I will recommend checking out the products here in the T-Nation store. Not only safe but high quality and extremely effective. There is an info article for each product.



As long as the supplement is what it's supposed to be then you are almost always going to be fine. The problem is with scam companies that substitute ingredients because it is cheaper, such as with that Chinese manufacturer dog food scandal. The bottom line is to buy quality supps, and yes research every supp before you buy it.