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Please help me anyone who knows if karbamzepin(Tegretol) will interact with aas

Hello! Any help would be very much appreciated! I have looked around and searched this subject. The reason I am Worried is that the PDR(swedish) says that it might make birth control pills ineffective by oxidising them. Thats it, nothing more about hormone interactions. I am worried that this would apply to aas as well. I am on 200mg Karbamazepin at night to lessen cannabis cravings, seems to do alittle for me! Any help would be appreciated! Take care, Unl

Any expert that could help me out please! Should I adjust my T. doseing? I really appreciate some help here! Thanks Unleashed

Carbamazepine (which I assume is what your drug is, just differently spelled) does upregulated various drug-metabolizing enzymes. Whether it upregulated any important to steroid metabolism, I don’t know specifically. If it
is known to decrease effectiveness of birth control, then it probably increases the clearance rate of androgens as well. A modest
increase in dose, no more than 50%, is probably a reasonable idea to compensate for this effect. On the other hand, if you’re already seeing great results from the dose you’re using, there’s no need in going up just based on the drug-metabolism concern.

BTW, I am not sure at all about the wisdom
of using carbamazapine to deal with cravings for cannabis. That is not that much different than trying cocaine to try to get yourself off of marijuana.

Thank’s Bill! I appreciate youre answer! I am under random drugtests, and got cought on cannabis,hehe! To avoid punishment(yes it is true) for being positive on THC in my urine I agreed to be treated with a low dose Tegretol! I guess the reasoning here is that since it helps alcohol cravings it would help with cannabis cravings, seems like it works alittle bit, but I can be placebo effect! My MD doesn´t seem very competent anyway, but I cant change, not with this matter! Thanks Unl