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Please help lose weight!

I am 19 years old 5’11 150lbs. I have a some good amount of muscle and a big frame but i have to lose alot of fat too. I have basically tryed everything and can’t seem to get anything going right. I was wondering if someone could tell me what they eat in the run of a day. Not just tell me how many calories and stuff but just exactly what they eat. My goal is to lose around 40lbs and keep the muscle i have then i can concentrate on adding muscle. Also would cardio be a good thing to add to my wieght training? Thank you to anyone who can help.

You want to weigh 110 pounds? I suggest a heroin and Tic Tac diet, but go easy on the Tic Tacs. If that was a type-o, then please read our “Diet Manifesto” and “The Missing Ingredient” article at T-mag. This will get you started.

I’m 5 foot 7’’ and weigh 165-lbs,(nekid) and, I am somewhere between
a small and a medium frame…And I’m trying gain 20-lbs. GO FIGURE!!!

110 is a really E-Manish weight. I suggest you bulk with Massive Eating until you’re at least 200lbs.

AHahhahahahahhahahah!!! But maybe he meants he is 5’1"…typos do happen.

I’m going to hope he meant 250 lbs, since at 110 he would weigh much less than me at the same height. I have much more LEAN MASS than that. 250 sounds right by his description.

5’11 and 110 lbs…You would look like a starving child. At 5’11 150, I bet you don’t have as much fat as you think.

Are you a girl? My girlfriend is 135 at 5’ 10" and has no fat at all except in her 36 C boobs. If you are a guy and really want to get down to 110 I also recommend the heroin and tic tac diet. A few pounds of meth a weeks should help too.

The poster doesn’t choose what part of the forum his message goes to, the mod does. But with this post, it was probably unclear what this guy (gal?) meant. Details, folks, details!

Sorry about that, i am 250lbs and a guy. If i ever got down to 110lbs i would kill myself. And the heroin and tic tac diet does not sound all that bad for getting there. But any reply’s would be greatly appreciated

I’d go with Chris Shugarts heroin idea, i mean come on, have you ever seen a fat junkie?

And the winner is…IRONBABE!
For best guess at what the error was.

The diet that has worked best for me is Fat Fast. I lost 18 pounds, 15 of which I kept off. I benched 10lbs more and squated 50lbs more after it. Something isn’t right about that. I felt like total absolute crap while I was on it.