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Please help....I'm Bored.

Training has ceased and I feel like crap. My time has been very limited lately and I was very bored with training so I stopped.

I need to jump start myself and thought that maybe an ALL olympic program would get the ball rolling again?

Anybody have any ideas of a good training split? Is this even possible?

I’m mostly interested in back and leg training since, like most newbies, I spent the first two years of training working on my vanity muscles. I don’t feel that I’ve ever given back that time to the rest of me so I thought maybe now would be a good time to do that.

Thanks for any and all info you can give.

If you flame me for this lazy post (since maybe a search will get me the info), that’s just as well too - maybe it’ll get me motivated.


What did your training look like before? how many sets/reps were you doing? what type of exercises (deadlift, powercleans) If you were going heavy, and thats what burnt you out, you might want to try a different program.
I would search T-Mag’s “Lactic Acid Training”, and maybe try that to get you out of your rut. Its pretty intense, but its worth it. See what you think, and let me know how its going.

you want a little cheese with that wine. www.menshealth.com

Yeah, stop being a pussy. If you’re bored with training you aren’t
training hard enough.Get off your ass and get into the gym.
You’ll get no sympathy around here for being a lazy ass. No one
is going to hold your hand and convince you not to be a jelly-filled
pile of mediocrity.

Well, if your looking for opinions/suggestions, the most appealing program I’ve seen on T-Mag, maybe ever, is Chad’s Anti-BB program.

I’m gonna bust it wide open later this summer.

Thanks for the input (and flames). As of now I’m not yet a jelly filled anything. My diet is still in order.

As for what I was doing before… anything that was in T-mag the week that I decided it was time to switch up my program. My main goal was/is for fitness, and a decent look and I’ve beenan avid reader of t-mag for a long time.

BUT, back to the olympic lifts thing. This has got me a little confused. Can you base a program on mostly olympic movements? They seem so similar, but they’re supposed to be good for packing on mass everywhere, so can you so them more than one day per week? I only want to do this for about 6 weeks, but would I create any big imbalances and is it possible to create a training split using these movements? The idea here is to get a good overall work out in a short amount of time just to get myself jumpstarted back into a healthy routine.

Again thanks for any input you can give.

what kind of goal is fitness? how do you achieve this goal? try getting more concrete goals. its a whole lot more fun that way.

Try CT’s HTT training. It will hit your back and legs.