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Please Help - Gyno!!!!

I am on sustanon and am getting gyno. There is no lump so im not sure if its pregesterone or estrogen induced. my left breast is seemingly sensitive and very puffy pretty much cone shaped. i started taking aromasin about 5 days ago and am not sure if i should discontinue the sustanon or keep taking it. the reason i ask is because estrogen dominance is what causes gyno right? so if i stop taking test wont my test be low and estrogen be high thus causing estro dominance?

or should i keep taking the sustanon to even out the estro to test ratio? if i do stop taking the sust how long does it usually take for side effects to subside. this is honestly ruining my mood and causing much anxiety any understanding help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

might have more luck in the steroids forum.

You need letro.

Here is the link to the gyno sticky.