Please Help Guys

600 skip the jump rope!
Leg Press— 3sets— 6/10reps–85pounds each rep
Leg Press 45 degree— 3sets— 6/10reps–145pounds each rep
Leg Extension— 3sets— 6/10reps–70pounds each rep
Horizontal Leg Curl— 3sets— 6/10reps–85pounds each rep
calf raises— 3sets— 6/10reps --90pounds each rep
Hip Abduction— 3sets— 6/10reps–100pounds each rep
Hip Adduction— 3sets— 6/10reps–100pounds each rep
Ab Crunches— 3sets— 6/10reps
Oblique Crunches — 3sets— 6/10reps

I am trying to get faster and be quicker also improve my vertical jump …is this a good program to do 3-4times a week? what do you like and what dont you like about it…How would you change it??? Thank you
ps. i am 16 yrs old

My goal is to get alot faster and quicker and also to jump higher when I play basketball…can you guys make a goood program for me because I play alot of basketball and my weaknesses are speed quickness and jumping…thank you

Here’s a link to an old thred on the topic:

And just for shits, how long does it take to do 600 jump rope skips?

Dude, your weakness is not speed, you lack basic strength and muscle mass.

You need to
1)Separate Speed and Stregth Workouts
2)Give up all machine work and do Dips, Chins, Rows, Squats and Deadlifts instead.
3)Practice Sprinting for speed.

I can give you a complete program but you need to read enough to understand some basic strength training concepts first.

One of the best teen strength training article is Youth gone wild by Chris Shugart.

PM me for any problems

Bro, 21 total sets of leg presses, extensions, leg curls, calf raises, inner and outer thighs…or…10 sets of sumo deadlifts. You make the call.

Less machines, more free weights. Problem solved. Like Fahd mentioned, you can work on your mad crazy jumpz in the weight room. I’d say you can work speed to a certain extent, but only as a byproduct of explosive lifting. Get out on the court or track and get friendly with interval sprinting. Your “quickness” is best worked on the b’ball court, during practices.

Joe Defranco (check the Authors listing, “View All”) has an article at his site, something like “15 top exercises for a higher vertical”. Take a looksee.

just check out CT’s new hamstring workout,it’ll make you faster

Agree with Fahd. Seperate speed and strength.

Ditch machines, do squats.

You may want to try plyometric things, such as jump squats. There are many books on this containing sports specific exercises that will benfit you. You also can probably get a good amount of them off the net, just look up “plyometrics”. Some folks are big proponents of these.